Indore registers a steep decline in the tally of new infections; curfew to be lifted soon!

Indore registers a steep decline in the tally of new infections; curfew to be lifted soon!

Almost 80% of the hospital beds have been vacated, reportedly.

The Crisis Management Group conducted a meeting on Sunday, to reflect upon the COVID situation in Indore. The active case tally has dipped down to 1,509 as of 6 June and the recovery ratio has been noted at 97.7 per cent. As per the latest reports, almost 80 per cent of the hospital beds have been vacated, which comes as a sign of huge relief in current times. The situation across the city is showing improvements and in light of these events, it is expected that the curfew will be lifted soon.

Positivity rate dips down to 2.67%

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According to the health department, the positivity rate in Indore has dipped down to 2.67% in the month of June and with such improvements, it is expected that curfew will be lifted in the coming two months. The Crisis Management Group held a meeting on Sunday to discuss this issue.

It is expected that private offices will be allowed to open under a capped limit and other economic transaction-related activities will also be allowed to function, under certain restrictions. Beginning today, grocery shops will be allowed to stay open 5 days a week, i.e., from Monday to Friday and milk will be available 6 days a week.

Grocery and milk shops are allowed to function between 6 AM and 8 PM and general stores can stay open from 6 AM to 6 PM. Apart from these changes, the timings for night curfew have also been reviewed, as it will be applicable from 11.30 PM to 6 AM now. However, the weekend lockdown will be enforced from 10 PM on Fridays to 6 AM on Mondays.

State positivity rate stands at 1%

Reportedly, the active case tally of Madhya Pradesh stands at 10,103 as of 6 June, with only 735 confirmed cases registered on Sunday. With the government focusing on testing and tracing, almost 32 districts across the state have come under the green zone. Further, the case fatality ratio stands at 1.1 per cent, which reflects a significant improvement compared to the scenario MP was gripped by, a few months ago.

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