Indore observes improvement in target achievement on Day 2 of COVID vaccination drive

Indore observes improvement in target achievement on Day 2 of COVID vaccination drive

Taking a leap from Day 1's show of just 19%, Indore's vax drive jabs more than half of targeted health & frontline workers on Day 2.

The second round of COVID vaccination in Indore has finally picked momentum, towards the target. About 54% of health and frontline workers were vaccinated during the Wednesday session; a great leap from the initial day's measly 19%. Though the vaccine response was lukewarm in Indore, city officials, healthcare workers and persons of authority got the jab, encouraging peers and subordinates to follow suit too.

Indore Health Department altered & developed a new plan of action for COVID vaccination

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The Indore health department altered and developed a new plan of action for the COVID vaccination to meet the target, without wasting the dosage. As per reports, the Medical and Health Officer in charge here, directed to give the vaccination slot to more beneficiaries, than planned otherwise. In view of the poor day 1 response, the health department decided to add beneficiaries in live sessions and the jab was administered to all those with registration, regardless of their scheduled slots.

This helped the health workers achieve a higher target, filling in the vacant spots left by beneficiaries who didn't turn up. The Indore Health Department relayed the list of vaccine recipients to the frontline workers' department, a day in advance, which helped raise the number of jabs, read reports.

While the health department could achieve an improved target, most healthcare and frontline workers showed up at the vaccination sites only after the health officials called them. As per reports, health officials had to take up the matter with designated authorities at IMC, police department, revenue department and others, to get the beneficiaries to the centres. The response remained lukewarm, dipping to zero footfall at as many as 5 vaccine centres until 1 PM.

33 new infections were identified on Thursday in Indore

By the end of Day 2, on Wednesday, Indore jabbed 54% or 4,527 people, against the set 8,600-target. Presently, COVID infection has been limited to a 0.1% transmission rate. About 33 new infections were identified on Thursday, taking the active load to 308 patients here. This arrest, in addition to the vaccination jabs, is signalling the retreat of coronavirus from the city, soon. We request to all our readers to take personal caution and do their bit to completely eliminate the threat of COVID-19.

-With inputs from The Free Press Journal

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