Indore to pioneer roadmap for Smart Cities around the globe, along with London, Moscow & Dubai!

Indore to pioneer roadmap for Smart Cities around the globe, along with London, Moscow & Dubai!

A proud moment for Indore and its people.

Indore's glory makes a statement yet again as it bags a position among the list of Smart Cities, that have agreed to draft a layout for the world to safely adopt new technology. The World Economic Forum has selected 36 smart cities across the globe which will lead the world into the new era of security management and safe use of modern technologies as part of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance. Besides Indore, 3 other Indian cities have found their place as world leaders including Bengaluru, Faridabad and Hyderabad. Cities such as London, Moscow, Toronto, Brasilia, Dubai and Melbourne are also included in the list.

Indore Shines as a World Leader!

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Indore will lead cities in about 22 countries under the World Economic Forum, primarily helping them to employ technology for diminishing recycling waste. The city has already cemented its position as an icon of cleanliness across the globe by securing the first place in the Swachh Survekshan, World's largest cleanliness survey, for four years in succession. This brand value has helped Indore solidify its identity as a district which knows all knacks of waster management and now, the smart city will teach its ways to Ethiopia's Bahirdar city.

Previously also, several cities in India, including metros like Jaipur, have followed Indore's steps to implement and attain golden standards of cleanliness. It is a proud moment for the people and administration of the city who have helped to uphold excellent standards of waste management, which have now become benchmarks for the world to follow!

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