Indore's Pipliyahana flyover to finally get functional by December 2020

Indore's Pipliyahana flyover to finally get functional by December 2020

Delayed by 14 months, the overhead road to finally start operations.

The 750-meter long Pipliyahana flyover, commissioned under the Indore Development Authority was to open for public use after 18 months of its initiation in April 2018. However, delayed by 14 months already, the overhead road will finally start operations by December this year.

Delayed to December 2020

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The Indore Development Authority officials confirmed that the Pipliyahana flyover will kickstart services to commuters by the end of this year. As per the project assistant engineer, the construction work is in its last leg and the final crucial testing and loading work will commence by Friday.

Adding onto this, he pointed out that all development work of the project has been completed and the final fixes including railing installation and other such works are underway. The Pipliyahana flyover is the 750-meter long, 24-meter wide- 6 lane road which was approved by the IDA to ease the traffic, de-congesting vehicular movement between the Pipliyahana and Shivaji Vatika squares. The underpass of the flyover will also facilitate the usual mobility between the Bypass and Shivaji Square.

An average of 1.05 vehicles used to route through Pipliyahana square in 2018, when the project started. the The flyover costs around ₹36 crores and was initially to start functions by October 2019. However, with delays along with the lockdowns have now pushed the opening to December 2020.

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