Stricter curfew guidelines released by Indore administration to decrease the risk of infection

Stricter curfew guidelines released by Indore administration to decrease the risk of infection

The new guidelines have been released by the District Collector under Section 144.

In a bid to break the chain of corona transmission, Indore's district administration has decided to enforce a stricter curfew across the city. All grocery shops across the city have been shut till 28 May and the sale of milk from dairies has been regulated as per corona protocol. The new guidelines issued by the District Collector of Indore, have been enforced with a vision to bring down the rate of infection and to ensure the safety of the residents of the city.

Home delivery of essentials permitted under restricted timings

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The new guidelines have been released by the District Collector, Mr. Manish Singh, under Section 144. All guidelines released earlier in respect to grocery stores and vegetable markets have been revoked. Apart from Choithram and Niranjanpur fruits and vegetable market, all other haats of the district have been closed down with immediate effect.

As per new guidelines, agencies like Big Basket and Big Bazaar are allowed to home deliver groceries like before. However, the loading vehicle for such deliveries can have a maximum of two employees who will be allowed to deliver orders between 6 AM to 5 PM.

Further, if milk dairies are distributing milk, then they have to keep their shutters half-closed and ensure that social distancing norms are followed. Home delivery of milk will be permitted in the morning until 9 and in the evening, between 5 PM to 7 PM. The Sub-divisional Magistrates are tasked with ensuring that grocery outlets in rural areas are following the new guidelines, through revenue staff and gram panchayats.

Here's why the guidelines have been made stricter

Despite a public curfew enforced across Indore till 29 May, the administration has observed that people are leaving their houses for other purposes, than just buying the essentials. Hence, the guidelines have been made stricter, for the district administration is looking to break the chain by 31 May. Further, it is anticipated that once the rate of infection is significantly decreased, then June onwards, several activities will be permitted in areas that are considered safe.

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