Indore's Sunil Vyas makes a mark with unique artefacts made out of waste materials

Indore's Sunil Vyas makes a mark with unique artefacts made out of waste materials

Artist in Indore uses waste materials like plastic, paper, and wood to create unique artefacts

Indore’s successful quest for smart waste management has taken a creative turn, in the hands of artist Sunil Vyas. A local artisan, Vyas has been creating art that is extremely pleasing to the eyes, just by using waste materials. From mundane materials like plastic, paper and wood, this eager learner has turned his childhood hobby of painting into a career and it's turning heads and how!

They say, one man's waste is another man's treasure and Sunil Vyas has been professionally creating his own artistic treasure, from disposed of materials for about 7 years now.

Art inspired by famous personalities

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Vyas says that he has created art in the likeness of celebrities and other famous personalities using waste materials like wood, plastic, and paper. He has used his skills to recreate the images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Raj Kapoor, Monalisa and legends like Rekha, Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar and Rabindranath Tagore among others.

He went on to say, "I create these artefacts out of interest. I have no degree or diploma. I always believe in creating something new. From paper cutting to plastic waste material, I believe in creating unique artefacts and paintings" The artist also added that he works as a student who is eager to learn and tries to create something new every day.

No losses during the pandemic

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In order to sell his art, Vyas sets up exhibitions. He continued to work during the pandemic as well. He said, “I did not incur losses in the last two years despite the COVID-19 pandemic. I managed to receive orders in bulk and remained busy with work”.

Indore has been awarded the cleanest city in the country five times in a row in the Swacch Survekshan as of last year. While the achievement is always credited to the city dwellers' perspective towards waste management and civic sense, exemplary talent like Vyas take it a notch higher and make it beautiful.

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