Converting drains into recreational spaces, Indore bids for 'Cleanest City' title for the 5th time

Converting drains into recreational spaces, Indore bids for 'Cleanest City' title for the 5th time

The new drainage model under 'Hamara Nullah, Hamara Abhiyan' is making Indore cleaner and greener.

Indore has been crowned as the Cleanest City in India, four times in a row and the most crucial reason behind this is the combined efforts of its residents, public representatives and government officials. Indore is rooting for this title for the fifth time now, by implementing a new drainage model and converting the dried-up drains into recreational areas. Recently, in this context, a health camp was held at Chaudhary Park by Aurobindo Hospital, which registered the attendance of the local representatives.

A new drainage model for a greener city

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If you are in Indore, then you are far away from the filth and stench of open drains because the civic authorities have devised an outflow tapping plan which ensures that the sewage that used to be thrown into rivers and ponds, falls straight into sewage treatment plants.

This new drainage model, under 'Hamara Nullah, Hamara Abhiyan', entails that all the drains of this city are dry and can be converted into parks, thereby, augmenting the city's green cover and recreational spaces. Kailash Chaudhary Park is one such converted area, that has been a host to a wedding anniversary party and a health camp set up by Aurobindo Hospital.

Residents of Indore are encouraging this conversion by playing cricket and football matches at the converted areas. Further, in a bid to match the efforts of the city administration, they have vowed to maintain cleanliness by not littering these areas with garbage. With such a collective effort in giving the city a cleaner and greener makeover, Indore is sure to bag the title of the Cleanest City in India for the fifth year in succession.

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