Knocksense Shorts | Indore experiences drop in mercury; Numerous flights delayed

Knocksense Shorts | Indore experiences drop in mercury; Numerous flights delayed

As many as eight Indore-bound flights got cancelled over the weekend, due to poor weather conditions.

The winter chill, accompanied by dense fog, has led to a series of flight and train delays across North India, causing significant disruptions in travel plans. Flights connecting to and from Delhi, a major hub, have faced cancellations and delays, creating considerable inconvenience at various airports, including Indore.

This weekend saw the cancellation of as many as eight flights bound for Indore, with numerous others experiencing delays due to unfavorable weather conditions. Madhya Pradesh witnessed a drop in mercury, and predictions indicate the occurrence of light drizzle and dense fog in various parts of the state.

Passengers shared their experiences, highlighting the challenges faced during these weather-related disruptions. One individual recounted, "Our flight from Indore to Lucknow, originating from Shirdi, faced a 2.5-hour delay on Monday. Despite the cold conditions in Indore, the flight encountered issues in Shirdi itself due to adverse weather."

The region, influenced by active Western Disturbances, is currently experiencing cold wind gusts at 20 km/hr, with a forecast of further fog cover in the upcoming days. This weather scenario continues to impact transportation and travel schedules across the affected areas.

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