Away from the hustle of Indore, Tincha Waterfall is an ideal getaway for a mid-week vacation!

Away from the hustle of Indore, Tincha Waterfall is an ideal getaway for a mid-week vacation!

Due to its proximity to Indore, this waterfall makes for an ideal one-day getaway destination!

Indore has a rich natural heritage characterised by lush green forests and mighty waterfalls, which are absolutely perfect for planning short getaways. So if you are missing a day of fun and frolic with your loved ones, then embark upon a day excursion to bask in the beauty of the breathtaking natural wonder, Tincha Waterfall. Located approximately 25 km from Indore, this spectacular waterfall is extremely popular among nature lovers and picnickers!

An evening in the backdrop nature

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From a distance, the immaculate water of Tincha Waterfall appears like streams of milk gushing down the cliff slopes. Named after the village its located in, this roaring plunge of water is situated at a height of 300 ft and is among the most popular waterfalls in Indore. Nuzzled in-between valleys, the Tincha Waterfall is also a canyon and a gorge, where nature lovers escape to trek amid the lush green area.

Further, it is also an ideal picnic destination for a number of visitors who enjoy taking a dip in the small pond located near the foot of the waterfall. You can also reach early to enjoy cooking in the nearby area while witnessing the picturesque view but beware of monkeys!

Know before you go

As one of the closest waterfall to Indore, this destination makes for an ideal getaway for visitors from all walks of life. The distance between Indore and Tincha Waterfall can be covered in almost an hour by road in a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler. Further, as per the speed of the flowing water, please observe caution when going for a dip in the pond.

Knock Knock

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Enjoy the exuberant sight of a majestic waterfall descending from hundreds of feet and culminating into the stillness of an unfathomable depth at Tincha Waterfall. If the middle of the week has drowned you in work and worries, then plan a visit ASAP to lose yourself while in the laps of nature!

Distance from Indore: 25 km (approx.)

Location: Tincha Village

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