Events in Jaipur

For many, Jaipur is an exceptionally inspiring place. With so much history, heritage, art and magnificent royalty, the city ignites something in us all. For those with a creative flair, it is nothing short of a muse disguised as a city.

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What if we told you that there's an upcoming youth fest that brings to the foray everything that the youth loves, a range of artistes and a whole lot of fun activities, wouldn't you want to be right at it?

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The joyous season of winter is finally here in the Pink city and it means that it is time for you to head out and check some of the cool events happening around! You may wonder why the winters are the best season for it, but the answer is quite simple.

This time, we've found something that should interest the literature lovers in each of you. In Jaipur, there's a coffee and book fair happening soon and it is what the inner intellectual in you needs. Here, you can sit back, relax, sip some coffee and reignite your love for books.

What's happening?

Literature festivals seem to be a dime a dozen right now not just in Jaipur, but at other places as well. Kitabay & Koffee is one that takes things quite differently. Instead of having you pick just one or two books, you get to take as many books as you want!

More than a literature fest, this is one event that is about spreading the message of reading books. Here, you can purchase boxes, which you can then load to the brim with all sorts of books, no matter the individual price. If you're someone who has been meaning to stock up on some new novels, then this is the place to be.

What about the coffee?

When you're here, you can actually expect more than just books. The theme of the event is books and coffee, so naturally, you're going to find some caffeine here. These guys have gone through immense trouble to bring you coffee from the finest beans that can be found down in South India.

The variety of coffee is almost as vast as the entire book collection, if not more. From flavoured to ultra strong coffee, you can find it all here. The best part? You can find loads of like-minded people here who are always up for a striking conversation.

Enjoy the beautiful weather at the book fair, with some amazing coffee & your favourite books.

When: 21st, 22nd, 23rd December 2018

Where: Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle, Jaipur

Jaipur is a hub of activity, there are so many things to see and be a part of in this strange city, that you'll never be in a dearth of stuff to do. Jaipur is also one of the most toured and loved city in the world which makes the events here a bit more exciting and fun. So if you're in the city and have been looking for a crazy exciting event to be a part of, we've got you covered.

Casa Bacardi On Tour is bringing the biggest party and musical evenings to the city of Jaipur with an awesome artiste line-up. Amit Trivedi, The Local Train and Perch will be sharing the same stage and performing for an unbelievable night in Jaipur.

What's the buzz?

Casa Bacardi is bringing the biggest party of December right to Jaipur. For an epic evening of fun, music and more, Amit Trivedi, The Local Train, perch and BassWorm will be performing live in the city. Happening on 21st of December, the event will take place in Jaipur's Clarks Amer.

These musical geniuses will be bringing the best of indie and mainstream music together and if you're a fan of either, you just can't miss out on the evening.

With song such as Ud-Daa Punjab, Namo Namo, Shaam , Zinda and Gal Mitthi Mitthi in his repertoire, Amit Trivedi is a legend for Hindi music. While there's no better loved indie band than The Local Train, making their way into our hearts with melodies of Choo Lo, Dil Mere, Manzil and Aoge tum kabhi.

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Looking to enjoy a fun evening and a musical experience like no other? In that case, you have to be a part of the Casa Bacardi Tour. If you live in the city or have been planning to visit it, book your tickets now and get ready for a music experience of a lifetime.

Date: December 21, 2019

Tickets: ₹349 onwards | Get your here

Venue: Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Lal Bahadur Nagar, Chandrakala Colony, Near, Jaipur

Residents of Jaipur are always on the lookout for a new and exciting event. It may be a funky dance party, a cool workshop, or a gut wrenching stand up comedy show. This time, its the comedy show that is going to leave you dazzled.

In December, Jaipurites can witness another unfiltered laugh riot featuring Manish Tyagi and trust us, he knows how to stir the crowd! The man has some insane experiences up his sleeve- afterall, he is a Naval Commander turned comedian.

What’s Buzzing?

Manish Tyagi is a huge internet sensation, mainly because of his rather non generic background. How often do you get to hear tales of Navy, told in a light hearted manner? Not very and now that you do have a chance, you've got to grab it with both hands.

He’ll talk about a plethora of topics, most of which you’ll be able to relate to and that will make his comedy even better. His jokes span a variety of topics, but are mostly rooted in the seas. His experience in the Navy has given him a lot to talk about and since he's a master storyteller, who peppers a dash of humor over it all, you can rest assured that you're in for some laughs.

In December, you get an exclusive chance to watch Tyagi and allow him to tickle your funny bones. If you've got other plans, cancel them because they're not better than this.

About Manish Tyagi

A retired commander of the Indian Navy, Manish Tyagi took to comedy in 2014 and there has been no looking back, ever since. His jokes are “mostly regional and observatory based” but he can, without a doubt, leave you in splits of laughter.

He has performed several gigs all across India, garnering a huge fan base wherever he treads and he was also a part of a ‘Comedy Festival’ at Auckland, NZ and Sydney, Australia!

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Tyagi’s sense of comedy has taken him places, literally and figuratively and there’s no way you can miss out on this epic evening if you’re in town! So gather up your besties and head over for fresh humour and a laughter riot, which is bound to keep your spirits high.

When: 15th December, 2019

Where: The Aisle, Clarks, Jaipur

Book your tickets here.

Over the past few months, Jaipur has played host to a slew of musicians, comedians and other artists. Now, after a long wait, the one and only Zakir Khan is finally paying a visit to the Pink City and we're sure that he will paint the town red.

The man has a natural talent for comedy and his show is just perfect for all those times that you need a break from your hectic work week. Now that he's finally coming over to Jaipur, you can go and pay him a visit, rather than just watching him on YouTube.

What's buzzing?

When someone asks us if we're going to the show

The one and only, India ka sakht launda is making his way over to Jaipur and it is exactly the stress buster that many of us have been on the lookout for. Honestly, there isn't a situation or comic-timing which Zakir Khan’t pull off with his charms and wit.

This wisecracker isn’t only a comedian- he is a prominent shayar and a desi launda who successfully pulls chords within us with his relatable ‘Indian’ content.

Surely, you've seen the videos, which means that there's no point in introducing him further. In his new comedy sketch, Survival Instincts, he talks about all the snafus he's had in his life and how he used moonwalking to deal with it all.

At any rate, we love his comedy. He's got a quirky style that is unique to him and when he peppers it around with some other funky acts, punny one liners and other stuff, that's when his comedy comes to life. We can assure you, you're going to love this show.

About Zakir Khan

Though this man needs no introductions, we're going to give him one, just for the heck of it.

He has won accolades for his Amazon Prime Video special “Haq se Single” which has made him one of the most sought-after names in the field of Indian comedy! He's also got a YouTube channel, which lets you see what you're in for.

In the past, Zakir has also worked on his fictional show for Amazon Prime Video, titled “Humare Chacha Vidhayak”, which is slated for an early release next year!

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Well, folks, there's no time to waste! The comedian is a sensation to say the least and if you miss out on his show, you're going to regret it. So grab a few friends, book your tickets!

When: December 08, 2019

Where: Deep Smriti Auditorium, Jaipur

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For an outsider, Jaipur might just seem like a great place for all the youngsters. The city is vibrant and rich in culture, which are major contributors to the booming tourism scene. However, the actual youth of Jaipur often gets bored of the same things over and over again.

Now, to break the monotony of everyday life, Aakash Gupta is coming to town and we're gearing up to let the laughs out. His comedy set, "Excuse me, brother" has got a slew of new jokes that should speak to each one of us.

What's happening?

"Excuse me, brother" is going to be a series of jokes that have no themes, but are just there! Aakash Gupta is pushing the boundaries of what a conventional comedy show can be and is changing the game altogether.

With no theme to follow, he's free to express himself any way he wants, and one thing is for certain- it will have you rolling on the floor in no time. His comedic genius knows no bounds and everything he says sounds like the funniest thing you've ever heard.

The randomness of it all just captivates you and you're really eager to know what he's going to throw at you next. It's a comparison of what was before and what is now. We suggest that you go there without any expectations and just take the comedy show as it comes.

About Aakash Gupta

A youngster at heart and mind, he's out to capture his audience, give them relatable jokes and something to remember him by. Full of wit and panache, his quirky, jagged style of presentation is what makes him stand out from the crowd.

His comparative style of delivery makes him an instant hit with audiences all over. If you want an idea of what his shows are like, check him out on YouTube, where he's got a whole lot of dedicated fans just waiting to hear from him.

Are you an avid reader but feel like you've got no one to discuss the literary spell that these stories put on you? Have you grown tired of people increasingly being on their phones? Well, then you can head over to the book meetup in Jaipur and find like-minded people who share the same love for books as you do!

The book meetup has a fun theme this time and avid literature fans are in for a treat. Themeetup theme is all about books on humor, so you guys are in for a few laughs. It is here that you can rekindle your love for the greats- Wodehouse, Allen and Vonnegut, along with a few more people who just want a dose of good books.

What's happening?

Though the Pink City is abundant with party places and a happening scene, sometimes, there's nothing like a good book and some solace. At the Book talk, you're given a chance to get in touch with other people who just want to escape into the world of literature, along with you.

In Jaipur, you can get together and explore other people's perspectives on your favourite comedy books. It is indeed something that we have all been waiting, for quite a while now. In fact, this book meetup will help us find people with similar interests and connect with them on a new level.

Once you've got ideas being thrown around, you wouldn't want to leave and that's why we love book meetups so much. It is a chance to sit back, take in the opinions of others and look at the world through their eyes!

About Jaipur Book Lovers

As the name suggests, Jaipur Book Lovers is a one of a kind initiative by folks like you and us. This team is taking matters into their own hands, to rekindle the masses' love for reading books. The habit is rather rare these days and this is one group that is encouraging more people to pick up books!

They often have contests and meetups, and ocassionally, even recommend books depending on your preferences. If you are having a hard time picking up a book, check out their website and be inspired.

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The Pink City is one of those rare places that still has a grip on it's cultural and vibrant past. Literature is a big part of that and this is just one of the many ways that it is still kept relevant and new, even today.

When: December 08, 2019

Where: Step Out Cafe, Jaipur

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