Heavy rains hit Jaipur, Kota & other regions in Rajasthan

Heavy rains hit Jaipur, Kota & other regions in Rajasthan

Satellite images reveal a thick cloud cover over Jaipur.

Jaipur, Kota and several other regions in Rajasthan welcomed the first showers of monsoon on Saturday and witnessed intense isolated showers through Sunday. As per Jaipur's Meteorological Department, these rains have been brought by the third spell of the southwest winds, washing the eastern part of the state. The satellite imaging here also revealed a thick nimbus cover over Jaipur and adjoining districts, indicating rains till Tuesday.

A 24-hour alert due to thunderstorms & lightning in Rajasthan

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This monsoon season, Rajasthan has received 36% less rainfall than last year, making this third wave spell highly important. The IMD too has stated that rainfall activity will most expectedly rise over the North-West India belt, including Rajasthan. Moderate to severe thunderstorms along with lightning are also likely here during the next 24 hours, the MeT department stated.

Caution has been raised to stay indoors to avoid casualties. Isolated light showers may also occur in the state until July 21. This warning has been issued with regards to a recent lightning accident in Rajasthan that claimed the lives of 16 people. Reportedly, the electric jolt struck a group of tourists who were taking selfies on top of the watchtower of the Amer Fort.

The pelting downpour has had a cooling effect across the desert state. It has scaled down the mercury to a maximum of 27°C here, accompanied by pleasant gusts of winds. The night temperature will go as low as 25°, noting no drastic rise in the diurnal range.

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