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Akshay Kumar starrer, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is one of the best horror-comedy Bollywood has given to us. This one-of-a-kind movie has no parallels till this date but that could change with Kartik Aryan's Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. The 2007 classic is all set to get a remake and it seems that our wait is finally over, as the 'Luka Chuppi' star, Kartik Aaryan has begun shooting for the second installment of Bhool Bhulaiyaa in Jaipur.

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Jaipur is undoubtedly one of the most sought after tourist hot-spots in the country. The city is thronged by tourists searching tales of past, luxury and hints of forgotten culture in the everyday colours of Jaipur. Jaipur is undoubtedly 'the place to be at' when you're on a luxury vacation and are looking for some unmatched grandeur. The city houses several palaces, forts and heritage homes that have been converted in boutique hotels which can be rented for a day, a week of fortnight to feel like the royalties themselves.

If you're someone who is on a leisurely vacation to Jaipur, this royal residence should undoubtedly be the place for you to stay at. Turned from a Maharaja's residence into a unique boutique hotel, Srinivas is a testament of luxury, grace, great taste and everything that is grand about the city of Jaipur.

Immerse in the finery & grandeur of 'Srinivas'- Residence of Good Fortune

The once residence of the royal family of Jodhpur and Maharaja Karanvijay Singh, Srinivas is a stunning property that lies surrounded by lush greenery and stables that are fit for royal horses. The Srinivas and its facade is visible only after one has entered the property and made a significant round in the gardens. Aided by a pool in the front and a traditional Rajasthani structure, this hotel oozes luxury in every step you take towards it.

From the leisurely outdoor furniture which calls for one to sit on it and enjoy the awe-inspiring view to the welcome are which is simply brimming with splendid furniture pieces aided by lush carpets and luxe wallpapered walls.

Since the boutique hotel was once a residence and has been left with most of the family's possessions, it is quite uniquely charming, as each room is a little different than the other and tells a completely different story. Some more modern and artistic while others more traditional and luxurious, a stay here is sure to make you feel nothing less than a royal yourself.

You might find yourself stopping mid walk, adoring a specific piece of furniture or design as the best of Jaipur's art and craftsmanship has been put on display at the hotel. The view too, does much good to the soul as well as your eyes which will surely find the view of handsome horses running in the grounds as mesmerising anything that the property houses.

Knock Knock

If you're planning to head to Jaipur and immerse yourself in all the material luxuries and worldly pleasure you can find, book a room at the Srinivas and live life king sized. Lounge at the exuberant terrace or read a book by the window of your private suite, a stay at Srinivas will be nothing less than a lesson in luxury.

The Pink City is known for a lot of things, the most quintessential one being food. In the royal Pink City, every corner oozes a story, a mystery and a past behind it. In that light, it is only right that with history, food was passed on down as well.

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Jaipur is the top holiday destination in the country. The monuments, the grandiose and the pink city culture drag in thousands of tourists to the city each month. Hence, finding a place to stay in the town can be a bit of a pickle. Prices for most hotels in Jaipur is pretty steep and if you aren't seriously loaded, a stay in the city may burn a hole in your pocket.

A pricey hotel, is a soggy blanket for the traveller who wants to explore without limits, which is why we've curated a list of 5 budget friendly places in C-scheme Jaipur. C-scheme is the epicentre of all the awesomeness in the city and hence is the place where you want to be. Because even if you pick a heritage hotel away from the city you'll have to return here the cafes, the food and the markets.

So read on and find a place that fits your needs and your budget.

1. Blue Beds Hostel

Blue Beds is among the new age of "backpacker friendly' hotel/hostels where you can find a stay at an extremely affordable price point. The beds available here come in several options including 10 bed dorms, 8 bed dorms, 6 bed dorms, female only dorms, 4 bed dorms, deluxe rooms and a more luxury forward Penthouse suite. Plus, the hostel gets rave reviews because it is right on top of the famous cafe Nibbs and a lot of other places.

Price for a night: ₹500-₹5000

2. Lostouse

Another great place with a wonderful vibe, Lostouse is the place to be if you enjoy all things colourful and bohemian. The rooms and dorms here have a clean industrial feel, are comfortable, hygienic and well reviewed. The best part about your stay here is definitely going to be the bohemian restaurant Rangneel.

Price for a night: ₹300-₹1800

3. The Zest

If you're planning to be in Jaipur with a friend or a special someone and are looking for an affordable place for two or more, The Zest should be your pick. The place is quaint and quite chill which makes it ideal for those who don't want too much fuss about their stay. Travellers especially love the garden and the outdoor sitting area, plus their restaurant is a local favourite.

Price for a night: ₹1350-₹2500

4. Housetel Backpackers Hostel

Another great place for backpackers and solo travellers is the Housetel Backpackers Hostel. This place is ideal for those on a shoestring budget, who would rather spend their buck on new places to see rather than just the accommodation. So pick a room and stay as long as your heart desires, because the rooms here are as cheap ad it gets.

Price for a night: ₹200-₹1900

5. Free Birds

Bathed in the immaculate colours of blue and white, Free Bird is a hostel/hotel that provides for an exceptional stay in the city. The best part about the place is the fact that they have impeccable hygiene and the rooms are not only clean but extremely well put together. A stay here will cost you a little but build a memory shelf like no other.

Price for a night: ₹200-₹1900

While travelling, a great deal of time, energy and money can be saved if you book your stay right. When in Jaipur, unless you have something specific in mind, it's better to book yourself a place within the city and the best option is C-scheme. After visiting the forts and palaces, one has to come back to the city anyway, and that can be really heavy on your pockets, in case you are on a budget trip. And this list can save you from all that.

With so many options to pick from, make your Jaipur trip extremely accessible and budget friendly!

Are you a true architecture buff? Do you have a thing for all the magnificent palaces, forts and architectural marvels that are a part of Rajasthan? Do you wish to explore all that the state has to offer and are looking for places near the pink city that can tame your curiosity? If your answer happens to yes, The Deeg Palace in Bharatpur should be high on your list of must visits.

Located on the Mathura-Alwar highway, a 3 hour drive from Jaipur, the Deeg Palace is a water palace, that is both stunning & legendary. If you're here in the pink city, you cannot miss this water palace.

Deeg: The Water Palace

Known as a legendary battleground during the period of agitation between Jats and a combined Maratha & Mughal forces, the Deeg palace still stands tall and magnificent. The splendour of the palace, its glorious architecture and the landscape it has been built in, tells the story of the grandeur and architectural prowess of Jats, the then rulers of Bharatpur.

Built in the 1770s with pinkish slabs of sandstone, by the renowned Jat ruler Surajmal, the Deeg Palace is a great example of Jat architecture which in itself is a mix of Mughal and Rajput styles. With signature domes from the Mughlai architecture to the many windows and doors that are a tell-tale of Rajputi craftsmanship, the Deeg Palace is the best of both worlds.

While almost everyone goes to the Jal Mahal in Jaipur and stares at it, the Deeg Palace is a much less talked of. The Deeg Palace is undoubtedly a stunning piece of architecture with an interesting and a rich history attached to it and it would be a sin to miss out on the beauty of the palace and the quiet natural splendour of the area.

What to see here?

Apart from the magnificent architecture, Deeg Palace also houses lush gardens, based on designs inspired by the Mughal Charbagh. The summer shrubs, the flowerbeds and the fountains, make the gardens alluring and unmissable.

In the Deeg Palace itself there are several buildings including the main building- Gopal Bhawan which is flanked by two pavilions Sawan Bhawan and Bhadon Bhawans. The other building or bhawans include Suraj Bhawan, Hardev Bhawan, Kishan Bhawan, Kesava Bhawan, Nand Bhawan, Singh Pol, Central Garden and two reservoir tanks named Gopal Sagar and Roop Sagar.

Knock Knock

If you live in Jaipur or have been visiting the city and are wondering where to go next, visit the Deeg Bhawans and bask in the glory of Rajasthani architecture. The palace can be reached easily by taking public transport from the main city and is a place you definitely need to visit.

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Here comes the festival of light, so let the celebrations begin! Perhaps the most widely celebrated and grandest of festivals in India, Diwali is finally here and its sparkles will soon alight our skies. As we gear up to rejoice in the spirit of Diwali, we thought of some things that could be taken care of this season. Though most of you would probably not need a reminder, we thought of making a kind of checklist lest you miss out on something.

1. Apne to Apne Hote Hain...

Any fun is incomplete without the people you want to share it with. In the current urbanized scenario, folks living away from families and their homes know what we are talking about. So take a break for your family this Diwali and enjoy the warmth of home sweet home amidst all the merrymaking.

2. Light ‘em Up!

The first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘Diwali’ is a sky lit by floating lanterns, bursting crackers, rockets and other light shows that emanate from numerous homes. It may be noisy but people deserve to break free for a few hours at least. So get the group together and let the works light up the horizon. Do take care of the little ones though; they can be a handful when it comes to both luminous and flammable objects, so make sure they are restricted or monitored accordingly.

3. Be A Millionaire Spender

Now that you’re gearing up for a grand occasion, make others feel the spirit too. Buying crackers is an integral part of this festival and we hope you get the best ones to your liking.

Do keep in mind though that the stall or new vendor you buy from gets just this one time a year to earn properly as this market caters mainly one product - crackers. So keeping his limitation in mind, feel free to let him make his profit this once at least. Let the bigger shops be at your mercy but with the smaller one, let him win the bargain-battle this time. In fact, it may be better to maximize his sales for he probably needs it more.

4. Let The Light Spread

Diwali is indeed the festival of light. We need everybody to realise the same, yet there are those who do not have even the basic light-bulbs to illuminate their homes, let alone festive and decor lighting. Be a kind soul and look out for such people. A fan, a bulb, a stove - these are basic amenities and you could be the one to help someone avail such a necessity.

It is a festival for us, it is a festival for all. The less fortunate cannot fulfil their fundamental needs, so a celebration for their kids is a far-fetched idea. We should look to endow some material, a few crackers or diyas, that make it a joyous time for them too.

5. Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

Food is as much a necessity as a luxury in our celebration. The sweet market goes berserk with activity, family, friends and relatives exchange sweets of many varieties and we aren’t complaining. Do grab your favorite barfi or peda or gulab jamun....we could list a lot more but space ain’t enough for all that there is. You get the drift - remember your favorite sweet and have lots of it; no one’s looking, everybody is busy with something or the other.

While at it, do share these with the ones who cannot have a stomach-full meal and can’t afford sweet delicacies. They will be grateful and you will enjoy the warmth it gives your heart.

Knock Knock...

Have fun, enjoy the long weekend and the festival but remember to also include all sections of society. For it is rightly said,”The more, the merrier”.

Happy Diwali folks!

This story has been written by our guest contributor

No matter which part of the world you’re in, coffee is that one beverage which unites us all. We start our day with our cup of joe to wake up our insides, which then slowly preps us to face the world, one deadline, one imbecile, at a time! Coffee is not just a drink, it’s an emotion which runs through our veins and is thicker than blood because of the incessant number of cups we gulp down a day!

What would life truly be, without our hot joe beside us? From being our constant on stressful days to being our daily wake-up call, coffee is that one element which you can bank upon!

So keeping in mind our unanimous love for coffee, we’ve listed 7 facts about it which will enlighten you about your regular cuppa!

1. Coffee led to Divorces

In ancient Arab and Turkish culture, women were permitted to divorce their husbands if they didn’t like their wife's coffee or if they didn’t provide them with enough coffee beans for the household.

A dark roast right there!

2. Cat poop produces the most expensive coffee

‘Kopi Luwak’ is the world's most expensive coffee which is produced by a strange method! Civet cats are fed coffee beans and then Kopi Luwak is the result of the digested matter which they poop out.

3. Coffee is a Fruit

Of course y’all know that coffee beans grow on a bush and they’re actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit. Also, coffee beans are only called 'beans' because of the resemblance but they’re actually berries!

Anyhow, technically, you’ve been drinking a fruit so if anyone tells you to cut out on the caffeine, just tell them that ‘fruits’ are healthy for us and coffee is actually fruit juice!

4. You can over dose on coffee too!

Although caffeine overdose is extremely rare, you can actually breathe your last with coffee down your throat! You would need to drink around 30 cups of brew in a short period of time if you’re tryna overdose lethally on caffeine. But why would anyone want to do that?! Being dead would mean NO. MORE. COFFEE. EVER!

There are also a few pieces of research which apparently suggest that coffee drinkers live longer than others and they’re immune towards certain diseases too!

5. Beethoven was a server’s worst nightmare

Beethoven loved his brew to be personal and he was extremely particular about its preparations! So if you were his barista, you would’ve had to serve him a cup of steaming hot java prepared with exactly 60 beans! Crazy right?!

6. Webcam owes its existence to Coffee

The first webcam was invented at The University of Cambridge because the folks on different floors were tired of checking up on the status of the office coffee pot! To let fellow colleagues know if the coffee pot was full or not, some Einstein-like peeps here invented the webcam!

The camera was placed at the ‘Trojan’ room which had the coffee pot and it would capture images thrice a minute! With some more of technicality, the images from the webcam would then reach their internal computer network!

Wow, that’s true dedication!

7. ‘Dancing Goats’ led to this invention

Legend has it that a goat-herder in Ethiopia accidentally discovered ‘coffee’ when he noticed that his goats were particularly energetic after grazing on berries at a specific site! He then passed on his new discovery to his fellow mates and long story short, that’s how coffee evolved.

Knock Knock

How many of these facts did ya’ know? Tag your coffee lovin’ friends and make their eyes go wide!

When in Jaipur, you just can't stop yourself from spending loads of money. No, not on lavish rooms or living like royalty but at the small, lesser known flea markets where you can get everything that embodies the spirit of Jaipur in the best way possible. Perhaps it is wise to let your wallet loose here because some of the stuff you can get is rare and unlike something you might've seen. For some souvenirs to take back home, head over to these 5 marketplaces and make your trip worth it.

From the fine art of Blue Pottery to the more localized and crude way of making ornaments, Jaipur is a city that holds a lot of secrets that don't reveal themselves to you unless you go looking for them.

Johari Bazaar

One of the most well known marketplaces in Jaipur, Johari Bazaar is a place where you can fulfil all your cravings for ornate jewellery. Since the olden days, the market has been frequented by people from all around the world and this is largely because of the fact that it is a market that's light on the pocket and manages to give you bits of the best parts of Jaipur.

Bapu Bazaar

Not just a marketplace but a tourist destination in itself, Bapu Bazaar takes the cake when it comes to memorable shopping destinations in Jaipur. Here, at the market, you should surely try out a few leather merchandise, as that's what this place is really known for. Handcrafted and designed with utmost care, the stuff you get here embodies everything that makes a good leather product. The quality and price is unmatched, so be sure to put on your bargaining hats before you go!

Mirza Ismail Road

Pottery is a big deal in the Pink City. At Mirza Ismail Road market, the sight of a row of shops, all selling handmade pots, vases and a lot more is truly something to behold. If you're looking for something to take home with you, then drop by here and get a memorabilia that'll add to the charm of your living room.

Aravali Bazaar

In case you're looking to completely change the look of your drawing room, then head over here to get some really quirky home decor stuff. From blankets, carpets, curtains, to quilts and stationery items, here, you can get it all. In fact, you can even get a few unique clothes here, which is why you can't miss a visit to this market.

Saraogi Bazaar

A one-of-a-kind market that's fully underground, it houses some of the best Leheriya and hand block printed clothes you'll find in the city. Since it’s located near Hawa Mahal, you can pay a visit once you're done sightseeing. Be sure to check out the entire market because some shops are tucked away, and often, those are the best ones.

Knock Knock

When in Jaipur, the overwhelming sights can leave you spellbound. However, it would be wise to pay a visit to any of these markets as well, which are just the tip of the iceberg. As you explore the city more and more, you'll find something better each time. The Pink City is full of surprises on each corner, so take a trip down every alley you see!

A city that has stood the test of time, is home to age old forts, palaces and exudes royalty from every corner, is bound to be a major tourist destination, no matter what the time of the year. However, for residents of Jaipur, these historical places tend to get old and hackneyed.

For a change of pace, history buffs in the Pink City who want to experience something new, should take a trip down the small, lesser known town of Bundi.

Bundi's Allure

Located just a 3 hour long drive away from Jaipur, Bundi is one of those rare gems that have been left untouched by man's hand. Here, life and humanity have found natural a way to survive.

A small, quaint town, with a picturesque backdrop of a hill atop a fort, it's like something straight out of a postcard. Here, you can get away from the everyday city life and get a chance at a new lease of history, a side you probably haven't seen before.

Home to some of the oldest forts, palaces and artefacts in all of Rajasthan, you really feel like you've been transported to a different era- and the spell goes on throughout the city.


Here, if you're really looking to marvel at something, then head over to Chitrashala, within Taragarh Palace. A world famous place, known for the intricate, miniature paintings that the walls and ceilings are adorned with.

Colourful, bright and vibrant, these paintings give the entire Taragarh Palace a completely unseen vibe. Magnificent as can be, words don't do this place justice, so you've got to head on down there and see it for yourself.

Apart from that, there are several lakes- Lake Jait Sagar and Kanak Sagar- that are good spots for embracing nature and the beautiful backdrop of the city. Maybe take a couple of insta worthy pictures here and make your friends jealous.

While you're here in Bundi, be sure not to miss out on the multitude of step-wells. Home to about 50 of them, these used to be the city's lifeline back in the olden eras and even today, they serve a greater purpose than just being a tourist attraction.

Knock Knock

There's no denying that Jaipur, in itself has a world of magnificent things to offer. However, to get away from the day in and day out rut of the everyday city life, a trip down to Bundi should surely rejuvenate you.