Kanpur Metro Project gains momentum even during the raging  pandemic

Kanpur Metro Project kickstarted the construction of Kalyanpur Metro Station concourse on Tuesday

The Kanpur Metro Project sails at a smooth pace even as the district deals with the impact and repercussions of the global pandemic. Apart from completing the concourse construction of the IIT Kanpur Station, The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation has managed to erect about 42 'U' girdles along the 9 km Priority Corridor via duct in just one month's time! On Tuesday, the UPMRCL commenced the construction of Kalyanpur Station concourse by erecting a pre-casted double 'T'-girder of the metro corridor under the Kanpur Metro project. This is the second station, after IIT Kanpur station to use a precast structure to boost civil developmental project, making Kanpur Metro the first metro project in India to use this novel architectural technology.

Innovation, Development and Speed

The Kanpur Metro project is working at an amped up momentum even with the ongoing crisis of the pandemic. The Metro engineers have strategised the construction and planning, using precast girders to shape the route and track, saving time and enhancing the end result of the construction procedure. The UPMRCL has completed the construction of the concourse level of the IIT Kanpur Station and 22 Pillars of the Kalyanpur Station. The team has also shaped the 9 km long viaduct of the Priority Corridor placing 42 U girdles in a chain from the Gooba Garden to the Kalyanpur Station. The process of track laying over this skeleton system will begin soon.

The UPMRCL has planned to lay down 52 double T-girders to complete the construction of the Kalyanpur station concourse. Usually, a set of single girders is used to lay down the base of the concourse slab at stations, incorporating external support, however, The Kanpur Metro Project is using new girders to achieve this with ease, promptness and finesse. These new precast structures are double-tier, 'T' shaped iron girders that instantly provide a foundation to erect the station concourse. A technology as such has never been utilised in the construction of any metro project in India, making the Kanpur Metro Project the first of its kind. These iron structures ramp up the overall speed of construction, fast-tracking the procedure of the Kanpur Metro construct

The Managing Director of the UP Metro expressed his happiness over the fast-tracked civil development process and said, "The team of Engineers and Contractors of UPMRC and AFCONS is working well in Kanpur and the project is progressing at a rapid pace. It is their dedication due to which we are able to complete the project with such speed even in the current adverse conditions."

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