North has been reeling under a retreating cold wave, which has dropped temperatures in most cities this side of the map. Much like the rest of the north, Kanpur too has been reeling under the cold, with average temperatures in single digits.

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I think we can as a community agree that the best kind of breakfast is the Indian one. Something warm, fried and toasty will always win against cornflakes, fruit bowls and smoothies. And when it comes to a hearty Indian breakfast plate, one can never miss out on jalebis.

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A week full of dull meetings, boring lectures, never ending projects and presentations can only be cured by a good old laugh session.

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If you're a foodie living in Kanpur, there are a ton of options for you to check out, indulge in and relish. Kanpur is a haven for anyone who wants good food and if you're looking for something classic, this is where you need to look. With this list you will find the best of Kanpur, the most legendary outlets, everything which was 'viral' even before the term was coined.

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Kanpurites looking for a dose of good news would be glad to know that one of the best parks in the city, Nishad Park is on it's way to a complete overhaul. This step comes after a long period of neglect because of which this natural abode had lost its charm.

Now, prior to the Ganga Yatra that crosses a major part of Kanpur and more specifically, Nishad Park, this natural hub will undergo some major changes, not just for the yatra but for the future as well.

What's the update?

Nishad Park, one of Kanpur's best tourist destination has been chosen for an overhaul because of the Ganga Yatra that will pass through the town and along the Ganges further up. As part of the overhaul, there are several aspects of the park that will undergo changes.

What changes can you expect at Nishad Park? Well, quite a few actually. For one, the entire marking wall of the park will get a makeover, complete with new paint and murals in a few places. This will add to the visual quality of the marking wall itself.

As for the park itself, it will be Ganga themed, making for better and more impressive visuals. Additionally, the park will also tell us of the origin of the Ganga, it's expansion and how it has aged over the years. This will be accomplished by installing a laser that picturizes the Ganga and a statue of the boatman.

The park will also get looping speakers, which will continuously play music. During the Ganga Yatra, the DM has instructed authorities to play Bhajans and Aartis that will lift up the yatris' spirits. Following that, the speakers will be used to play light music while the general public goes about walking and jogging in the park.

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We're excited that Kanpur is finally on the receiving end of some good news. The park is one of our favourite places in town and now that it is undergoing a complete makeover, we can't wait to see how it will improve Kanpur's tourism.

Looking for a good meal without meat in it, is like trying to find a needle in haystack- it is almost impossible and very tiresome. Which is why meat lovers around the world can agree to the fact, good food is equals to a good meat dish! If you're someone who can never have enough of soft, juicy and delicious meat in their life, well we have just the thing for you.

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Winters can often put a lull on our daily life. The cold, the winds and the laziness bringing life to a halt near bonfires, room heaters and blowers. Though there's one thing about winters that keep us braving the cold- and that's food. So we can honestly say, we can never have enough of it.

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The pain of having something nagging you at the back of your head or the bottom of your heart is perhaps something that every human ever has experienced. If you're going through a tough time and are looking to speak out your mind, then head over to this open mic show in Kanpur that is all about expressing yourself through spoken word, poetry, music, or even comedy.

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