IIT Kanpur rolls out free 4-week online course in Foundations of Cognitive Robotics

IIT Kanpur rolls out free 4-week online course in Foundations of Cognitive Robotics

IIT Kanpur's Cognitive Robotics course will benefit both, students & industry experts.

Introducing a new dimension in the field of robotics and cognitive studies, the Indian Institute of Kanpur has launched a free online course in Foundations of Cognitive Robotic. This is a primary level programme that is set to benefit both students and industry experts, in just 4 weeks. A complete 360° course, its study sessions will explore the science of robotic via illustrative models, facts and relevant theories.

Innovative credit certificate course by IIT Kanpur

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IIT Kanpur has started to invite application from interested participants for the free introductory course in Cognitive Robotics. According to the schedule, the online sessions will be conducted from July 26 to August 20, and the last date of registration would be August 2, 2021. The course carries 1 credit point and categorically falls in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the postgraduate level.

The course will be conducted by professor Bishakh Bhattacharya, professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. He is also heading the Cognitive Science program at the premier institute. Prof. Bhattacharya is also the coordinator of Space Technology Cell, IIT Kanpur and the head of the Smart Materials, Structures and Systems (SMSS) Laboratory.

What is the scope of the course?

IIT Kanpur has crafted the course to encapsulate the concept of biology, engineering and control system design to attract a broad group of candidates. This interdisciplinary field will cover the following 4 topics in 4 weeks:

  • Module smart materials: Introduction to cognitive robotics and human-robot interactions.
  • Module Architecture of the brain, and nerve cells: Brain physiology and neural signal transmission
  • Module Neural modelling: Introduction to synchronization models, and electroencephalography
  • Module Intelligence architecture: Theories of intelligence, Kuramoto Model, and child-robot interaction.

To apply for the elective course, candidates will have to sign up for the NEPTL platform by their Facebook, Swayam, Mircosoft, or Google accounts. After this, they simply have to click on the 'Join' tab on the official page to register.

While the course is absolutely free, from enrollment to learning. students need to write a proctored exam at any of the designated centres. The certificate exam fee has been marked at ₹1000; it has been scheduled for August 26, 2021.

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