UPMRC conducts traffic-diversion mock drill for the 2nd phase of Kanpur Metro Project

UPMRC conducts traffic-diversion mock drill for the 2nd phase of Kanpur Metro Project

An underground metro station will be set up at Bada Chauraha, where the mock drill was conducted.

Moving forward with the construction plans for the second phase of Kanpur Metro, the UPMRC officials conducted a mock drill for traffic diversion at Bada Chauraha on Sunday. Conducted in two shifts-from 9 AM to 11 AM and from 7 PM to 9 PM, the schedules were successfully completed. As per reports, an underground metro station will be set up at Bada Chauraha between Z Square Mall and DCB Bank, under the proposed stretch of Kanpur Metro's second phase.

Mock drill implemeneted with the deployment of 24 marshalls

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With the efficient execution of the traffic diversion plans, it has been finalised that the same norms will be applicable once the actual metro construction work starts at Bada Chauraha. Reportedly, the authorities had to deal with less traffic in the morning hours due to holiday on the day of the drill, but the evening shift witnessed significant traffic. Depite the large number of vehicles between 7 PM to 9 PM, the officials were able to ensure smooth and controlled movements on the road.

As per reports, the UPMRC stationed 24 marshals in each shift for streamlined implementation of the diversion plan at Bada Charuaha and the connected routes. In addtion to this, proper barricading and signages assured that the commuters were aware of the alternate roads.

Suggestions requested from the citizens via social medial handles

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In view of the observations made on Sunday, the diversion plan would be tweaked based on the orders of the Traffic Police. Notably, the UPMRC has informed that the mock drill will be conducted again today between 4 PM and 8 PM.

Further, citizens have been asked to send in their recommendations through the social media handles of UPMRC and the officials will analyse if they can be incorporated in the final plan. After all such procedures are completed, the diversion scheme will be rolled out permanently.

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