Kanpur Metro likely to become operational by the end of December 2021

Kanpur Metro likely to become operational by the end of December 2021

The first phase of Kanpur Metro services will go live along the 9-km-long elevated Priority Corridor

With the progressive trial runs, Kanpur Metro is likely to hit the tracks by the end of December 2021. As per reports, the first phase operations will begin on the 9-km-long priority corridor here. A total of 8 trains have been allocated to the elevated route, where 6 rakes will actively ply on the elevated corridor. Notably, the 2 additional trains will be parked at the depot and plugged in for commercial use during repairs and emergencies.

Testing to create a robust, rapid metro system for Kanpur

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As per the Kanpur metro project scheme, the Research Design and Standards Organisations have chalked out a 6-week trial phase before the launch of maiden runs in the city. During this interim period, the agency will test and monitor facets such as train suspension, in-motion train vibration, brakes and speed to ensure the deployment of a robust train system at people's disposal.

After the completion of the trial, the Commissioner of Metro Rail and Safety should grant the clearance order. Following this, passengers will be permitted on rakes. In the first phase of operations, the Kanpur Metro will inaugurate the 9-km-long elevated 'Priority Corridor' between IIT Kanpur and Motijheel.

A statement of rapid progress

Moved as one of the fastest development projects of the state, UPMRC's Kanpur Metro plan has been completed with a 2-year time graph. Officials have also highlighted the hurdles posed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its peak during the said timeline, to define the rapid efficiency of the scheme.

The metro completion saw a major setback, losing 4 months of its time due to the coronavirus lockdown in the last 2 years. However, work picked an upbeat rhythm soon with the ease of restrictions, so much so that metro trial runs were initiated days before the slated schedule, informed authorities.

Work begins on Corridor-I of Kanpur Metro

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Getting into the groove of this swift development, Kanpur Metro, reportedly, has already forayed into the second phase of development by launching the construction of Corridor-I (Chunniganj to Nayaganj). As per the official note, work is progressing on the remaining portion of this track. The stretch will have 7 underground stations, spaced across a 7.5 km-long section, along with 5 overhead stops on a 6.5km elevated track. In total, Corridor-I is 23km-long.

Besides Corridor-I, the construction work of Corridor 2 (Chandrashekhar Azad Agriculture University to Barra) will also be completed in the next three years, informed MD UPMRC Kumar Keshav. The Metro Corp is aiming to expand the Kanpur Metro network to up to 32.4-km by December 2024. Tenders for both the corridors are in place for the same, the MD added.

As per estimates, the Kanpur Project has a budget of ₹11,07648 crores approximately. Reportedly, around ₹5,551.99 crores (around Euro 659 million) have been loaned from the European Investment Bank and the rest of the cost is being borne by the Union and state, collectively. It may be taken into account that around ₹2,100 crores of this have been spent so far for the development of the priority corridor.

Metro Project, a boon for Kanpur

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From demographics to geographics and beyond, Kanpur is growing exponentially and the convenience of the metro at the threshold of this transition is a major leap forward for the city dwellers. The Kanpur Metro project fulfils the city's dire need for an upgraded and smart means of public transport, added reports. Resolving the issues of traffic congestion, lack of parking spaces and even air pollution, the metro is a boon that plans to drive rapid ease to around 65.8 lakh by 2041.

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