Kanpur metro operators begin training at Transport Nagar in Lucknow

Kanpur metro operators begin training at Transport Nagar in Lucknow

The trial runs for the elevated Priority Corridor of the Kanpur Metro, are slated for November 2021.

The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (UPMRCL) has started to train Kanpur Metro operators at the Centre of Excellence for Training (CoET), at Transport Nagar in Lucknow. Reportedly, the station controller cum train operators (SCTOs) can procure a 'Competency Certificate' only after practising 400 km of train operation on a simulator. This training is essential to conduct the trial runs of the elevated Priority Corridor, running from IIT-Kanpur to Motijheel, slated for November 2021.

Training to round up professional metro drivers

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Equipped with all the relevant and updated technical equipment at the COET, Lucknow is one of the prominent centres of metro simulator training in India. A simulator is the replica model of the actual driver's cabin in a metro, where the trainee can undergo a real-time experience of operating a train. Reportedly, only 4 metro rail corporations across India offer this facility, including UP Metro (Lucknow), Delhi Metro, Hyderabad Metro and Namma Metro (Bengaluru).

According to the practice schedule, the trainees will initially go through classroom training where they will be taught about simulators. Candidates will be introduced to desktop simulators in the first phase itself. Here, the screen will be like that of the driving cab with all controller buttons and a lever.

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During the second stage, drivers will work with '5D Motion Simulator', which is a replica of the driver's cabin of a metro train. The screen here shows the city buildings, roads and passengers, to ensure adaptability to the real environment. In this phase, the drivers will also be trained for proper opening and closing of the metro doors.

Training to tackle emergency situations and technical hiccups, fires and door glitches will also be provided to the trainees, read reports. Drivers will be appraised about the Passenger Emergency Intercom in the train which can enable direct instructions from the operator to the public, in any adverse situation. They shall also be trained as to how to speak on the intercom to prevent chaos during an emergency.

The simulator at the COET in Lucknow is equipped with a CCTV, which will help the monitoring committee to assess and evaluate the performance of the drivers. After training on simulators, the trainees will undertake practice on the test track of the depot.

Kanpur Metro Update

About 80% of work has been completed for the Kanpur Metro and the trial runs are set to begin in about 3 months time. The Metro Authority is presently engaged in finalising the fine-detailing of the project, including civil and electrical work at the stations and tracks.

The metro operator training has set pace in Lucknow, while the metro rakes are being manufactured in Gujarat. If all timelines are met, the Kanpur Metro will be commissioned by December end or January next year.

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