Kanpur Metro to have QR code-based ticketing system

Kanpur Metro to have QR code-based ticketing system

Notably, Kanpur Metro is likely to become operational from December 28

Provisioning rapid commute, Kanpur Metro is all set to begin its services in the city soon. Furthering the agenda of digitisation, Kanpur Metro will be using a modern QR-code based ticketing system initially instead of the usual token vending machines. Apart from this, passengers will also be able to travel in this upcoming metro of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation by using Smart Cards as well.

Use the same QR code to start or end your journey

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Kanpur Metro will roll out its first-ever service on the 9-km-long Priority Corridor, stretching from IIT Kanpur to Motijheel in the city. With this modern ticketing facility, one can take the commute by scanning QR codes on their smartphones and showing the same code at the automatic fare collection gate. Notably, the same QR code will be used for exiting upon reaching the destination as well.

For those who do not own a smartphone, a slip with a QR code will be handed to the travellers which will be used to enter and exit the metro station. Just like tokens, one QR code will be valid for one person and one journey only. Since the system generates a unique code every time, no QR code can be used twice by any commuter. Going by the reports, the authorities plan on installing token vending machines at metro stations in the future depending upon the increase in footfall.

Meanwhile, after the Prime Minister inaugurates Kanpur metro on December 28, commercial runs on the overhead line will be opened for the public as well. Once functional, this model commute system will benefit more than 31 lakh residents of Kanpur.

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