Knocksense Shorts | Kanpur's AQI dips to 'Poor' status

Knocksense Shorts | Kanpur's AQI dips to 'Poor' status

Air pollution once again takes a toll on daily activities in Kanpur. Many zones in the red due to extreme PM 2.5 particulate

With the winters around the corner, the threat of harmful smog is constantly looming, and in Kanpur, the AQI has worsened. Currently, the Kanpur AQI stands at an average of 148 (AQI-US), and the major culprits for this are PM 2.5 particulate, PM 10 particulate, and CO2 pollutants, which stand at 74, 145 and 545 on an average, as of today. People have also reported issues in breathing, and choking.

Overall, the AQI stands in the Poor zone of the index. The PM 2.5 particulate value is currently almost 5 times worse than what is declared "safe" by the WHO.

Worst hit areas in Kanpur include NSI Kalyanpur, which has PM 2.5 of 123, and Ashok Nagar, which shows an AQI-US of 169. The only place in Kanpur where AQI stands in the green zone is IIT Kanpur.

To counter increasing air pollution, authorities are planning on covering construction zones and taking other related measures to curb the ill effects towards citizens.

Note: All AQI readings taken from

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