Under-track OHE lines enable Kanpur Metro to have a unique & attractive design

Under-track OHE lines enable Kanpur Metro to have a unique & attractive design

The roofs and design of the metro carriages in Kanpur Metro can be flattened due to the under track OHE lines.

The Kanpur Metro carriages will have an all-new flattened look, which will stand in novelty to any metro systems pan India. The metro line in Kanpur has been developed to accommodate the electrical lines under the tracks, opening the possibility of experimenting with the carriage designs. As per reports, Agra Metro system will have underlying electrical lines and new rake designs as well.

Metro rakes to have a sleek design

The electrical line that runs over the metro rakes has a significant impact on its design. Usually, the rakes and their roofs are rounded to suit the OHE lines, which also add to the cost. However, the new metro lines, coming in Kanpur and Agra will have these lines underneath instead. Consequently, the UPMRC has decided to change the design, which will not only be unique but also cost-effective.

As per reports, the UPMRC has approved and lifted the tenders of new metro designs (new roofs) for both projects, Agra and Kanpur, which has been awarded to Johnson Company. A huge team of engineers, under the authority of MD UPMRC, will bring out this new design, which will be the first of its kind.

The Kanpur Metro Development Work

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Besides the novel designs of the carriages, the Kanpur Metro is making headlines for setting an exemplary benchmark of performance post the COVID-19 lockdown. With strategy, novelty and technology, Kanpur Metro's Priority Corridor, running from IIT-Kanpur to Motijheel, is being developed at a fast pace.

As per reports, the Kanpur Metro has also made history for using double T-girders to develop the base of the elevated platforms over the 9 km-long Priority Corridor. All stations on this route will have these pre-built structures for a quick and concrete build, totalling up to 434 double T-girders in this entire project. Out of these, about 332 have already been erected. Besides, 400 piers have also be installed along the route, stretched for 7 km along the metro line.

The Kanpur Metro, under the guidance of the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corp will also be using distinct digital technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), to build structures that can accommodate growth later. BIM is an intelligent 3-D based model construction of stations integrating new designs and techniques. This technique will ensure timely completion and cost-effectiveness of the project, stated the MD, UPRMC. The Agra Metro project will also be utilising these upgrades, he added.

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