A grand panel for budding filmmakers & cinephiles, LFF to host UP Cinefest in Lucknow, this November

A grand panel for budding filmmakers & cinephiles, LFF to host UP Cinefest in Lucknow, this November

Happening on November 4 at the UP Ganna Sansthan of Lucknow, the festival is a true celebration of cinema; Registration deets inside!

In a country that churns out thousands of films annually, many people dream of making their mark in the film industry. Moreover, every segment of India's sprawling film industry presents countless opportunities in a plethora of verticals – direction, acting, cinematography, set design, sound mixing and engineering and editing to name a few.

Embracing this ethos, AMREN Lucknow Film Forum (LFF) dedicates itself to nurturing a talent pool of filmmakers and proficient experts spanning diverse cinematic verticals within Uttar Pradesh. LFF diligently curates webinars, masterclasses, workshops, film festivals and beyond, advancing the quality of cinematic excellence in the state. And to give a dedicated, a truly grand stage to the budding filmmakers, these folks are now organizing the annual UP Cinefest, coming up on November 4 in Lucknow.

Lucknow's very own global calibre film festival

The AMREN Lucknow Film Forum emerges as the city's cinematic cornerstone, an unrivalled gem within the state's film landscape. Creating a path for emerging auteurs, the forum conducts grand cine-celebrations in Lucknow, orchestrating a red-carpet stage where artistic visionaries illuminate their filmmaking mastery before the film industry stalwarts.

Now with the upcoming UP Cinefest, this visionary organization is introducing a world-class film festival, a unique addition to Lucknow's cultural landscape and the state as a whole.

Lights, Camera and Discussions! Interactive sessions from film industry stalwarts

To draw you a quick picture of this exemplary platform, UP Cinefest will host panel discussions alongside interactive sessions for the public.

This year's festival will feature renowned industry figures, including Prateek Gandhi, celebrated for his remarkable performance in 'Scam 1992,' earning both fame and critical acclaim. Jyoti Kapur Das, a filmmaker and screenwriter well-known for her contributions to numerous mainstream films, as well as the creator of acclaimed short films like 'Chutney' and 'Plus Minus.' Additionally, Meenakshi Dixit, a versatile actress with a remarkable filmography encompassing critically acclaimed works across Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada cinema.

Media and journalism students, freelancers, aspiring filmmakers, writers, and other students will have a fantastic opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded individuals. This event will provide them with a chance to explore various aspects, verticals and intricacies within the film industry, making it a true celebration of cinema.

A showcase of locally created and award winning short films

In addition to supporting emerging filmmakers, another vital facet of LFF's endeavors is to offer a prominent platform for established filmmakers to exhibit their skills, projects, and talents. As a result, one of the key attractions of the event is the screening of short films.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience an array of award-winning short films from various corners of the country, including works by local auteurs. These screenings will be attended by industry luminaries, providing an invaluable platform for these creators to gain recognition and exposure.

All clubbed with dazzling dance and music performances

Besides the educational elements of the festival, UP Cinefest will also infuse a dose of entertainment into the mix. To kick things off, the festival will showcase a mesmerizing Kathak performance by the renowned Sanjukta Sinha Dance Academy.

Moreover, the event will include additional dance and music performances, adding a vibrant touch of entertainment to the festivities. As the festival is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the aspiring filmmakers of the state, enthusiasts and students will have the opportunity to attend the event without any admission fee; all they need to do is register for their participation.

Event: UP Cinefest 2023 by Lucknow Film Forum

Time: 10:30 am to 6 pm

Where: Ganna Sansthan, Butler Colony, Lucknow

A grand panel for budding filmmakers & cinephiles, LFF to host UP Cinefest in Lucknow, this November
Lucknow Film Forum is bringing an exclusive webinar for budding film creators!

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