After Kanpur, all UP districts to have unique 16-digit property code to eliminate land disputes

After Kanpur, all UP districts to have unique 16-digit property code to eliminate land disputes

With the unique codes, the details of the land can be accessed in just a single click without any hassle.

The Revenue Department in Uttar Pradesh will soon issue a unique 16-digit property code to all landholdings, across the state. Introduced first in Kanpur as a system of tax evasion, this code marks the identity of each property, bringing them under the tax net. As per the state officials, this will be a handy tool to eliminate land disputes and save innocent persons from falling into the trap of fraudsters.

Unicode system to ease tax revenue collection & clear ownership of land

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A methodical module will be used in UP, wherein all landholdings will be assigned a unique property identity in the form of a 16-figure code. This will mark lands of all kinds; agricultural, residential and commercial and person can know the details of the land with just a single click. The Unicode will terminate fake registries of disputed lands, across the state. The module is already under practice in Kanpur, where it is easing the collection of property tax. Most districts have started to work in the direction of implementing the scheme, allotting codes to plot in revenue villages. Meanwhile, the revenue courts have been tasked to allot a code to disputed lands in the computerised management system.

The Unicode of the land will be of 16 digits and while the first six digits will be based on the population of the land, the next 4 digits will determine its unique identity. The digits from 11 to 14 will be the number of the division of the land. The last 2 digits will have the details of the category, through which, the agricultural, residential and commercial land will be identified.

This scheme has been introduced in addition to another unique scheme of 'Varasat' in Uttar Pradesh. Under the ambit of Varasat, the government undertakes succession of land and property scheme to put an end to disputes related to land and property.

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