This winter season, relish the rich taste of Lucknow's famous Malai Paan Gilori

This winter season, relish the rich taste of Lucknow's famous Malai Paan Gilori

When in Lucknow, head to Ram Asrey to get a bite of this super delicate and delicious Malai Gilori.

Tracing its origins back to the time of the Nawabs, the Lakhnawi Malai Gilori or Malai Paan Gilori is a dish that exudes the grandeur and culinary richness of Lucknow. This famous sweet from Lucknow that uses malai instead of the betel sheet to engulf the ingredients, can also be enjoyed as a special alternative to paan.

Although the delicacy is very popular amongst tourists and locals alike, not many know about the origin story of this melt-in-mouth Balai ki Gilori. And if you want to find out all about it, dive right in, before you head out to to satisfy your sweeth-tooth cravings.

Story of its origin

We're here to tell you all about this legendary mithai that falls under the category of chenna sweets — a slim sheet of malai and milk (for malai is beaten till it becomes a thin sheet), engulfed in mishri, rose water and rich dry fruits. Mawa is also used in its preparation and a layer of edible silver foil or varq only augments the flavours. Made in the shape of a paan, like its name suggests, this delicacy has a beautiful tale attached to it.

It was during the early 19th century that the Nawabs wanted to replicate paan. One legend says that this was sought because paan was banned and people wanted something that was familiar to that, whereas, another says that certain well wishers of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah once requested a paan-like delicacy or its alternative to be prepared, out of concern of the Nawab and his addiction to paan! Fascinating, innit?

Whatever may be true, we're just glad that it led to the creation of this paradisal mithai that we love and adore till date!

Ram Asrey & Malai Paan

While Malai Paan is very close to the hearts of Lucknowites and can be easily found anywhere at all sweet shops, it is Ram Asrey that is intricately tied to its history.

"Malai Gilouri is our specialty. An Indian sweet made of malai, stuffed with the richness of dry fruits; designed and folded just like Indian paan (betel leaf)," the sweet shop set up in 1800s, Ram Asrey, describes.

Veteran Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan has also sung in the praises of Ram Asrey's Malai Gilouri, making it all the more important for you to order some of these lip smacking desserts to your place!

Knock Knock

If you're still reading, we know you're already drooling at the thought of this beyond soft and luscious dessert. And now that we've acquainted you with its royal past, you can't afford not to eat the heavenly delicacy that is Lakhnavi Malai Gilori, can you?

This winter season, relish the rich taste of Lucknow's famous Malai Paan Gilori
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