Lucknow wakes up to 6°C on Friday morning as cold winds from north-western ranges reach UP

Lucknow wakes up to 6°C on Friday morning as cold winds from north-western ranges reach UP

Cold temperatures and an improved AQI grace the city of Lucknow today.

The chilled flurries of north-western ranges have brought in cold winds to the plains, reducing temperatures in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday and Friday morning. The Director of the Meteorological Department has warned the people of the approaching lower temperatures, which further rings a bell for an upcoming chilly winter ahead.

Cold winds from the northwest leading to temperature drop

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The pelting rains and snow of the mountains have brought colder temperatures to the state of UP. This has resulted in an overall lowering of temperatures in the state, especially in the western region. The cold winds blowing from the northwest have been pinned as the reason behind this and the chilly winter nights that several state districts are experiencing. Thermal reading on Friday revealed that capital Lucknow recorded a temperature of 6°C at the break of dawn today.

According to weather forecasts, the mercury will level at around 8°C with the fall of night but the blowing winds will attribute a feel of 6°C. Neighbouring city, Kanpur, also recorded similar temperatures while the mercury dropped to 8°C in Gorakhpur and 10°C in Varanasi, early in the morning, on Friday.

With morning temperatures rising quickly to 18°C accompanied by quick dispersion of fog, Lucknow's air quality saw an improvement and levelled at 179, as per readings taken at 1 PM on Friday.

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