Craving for street food? Go back to the good old Bombay Pav Bhaji in Lucknow

Craving for street food? Go back to the good old Bombay Pav Bhaji in Lucknow

A nice plate of Masala Pav Bhaji can never disappoint, can it?

What started as a lil shopee in 2004 has grown its wings into more branches, and stands today as a people's favourite street food corner — Bombay Pav Bhaji in Lucknow. Scintillating in red, you can spot this shop from afar as the aroma of buttery and delicious pav bhaji entices you from a distance, bringing you to this delightful corner.

Located right beside St Francis, and at the hindside of Cathedral school, Bombay Pav Bhaji has blended into the modern palette pretty well. But, let's come back to the roots for a while as we talk to the owner, Padmesh Sharma, who touches upon the shop's humble history.

Mumbai's zaika in Lucknow

Sharma's father, who served as a chef in Mumbai for 20 years, learnt a few tricks of the trade and brought back ways of authentic preparation and demonstration of the noble Pav Bhaji to the city of Nawabs. It was then that he started the Bombay Pav Bhaji that you find today, swarming with street food lovers around it.

Some of the huge hits include Makhan Pulav Bhaji and Masala Pav Bhaji. And now that the place has started serving South Indian street food, the dosas here (especially, Butter Paneer Dosa) have been met with a tremendous response.

The specialty, Sharma explained, is that the peeps here use Amul Butter in all the cooking processes. "Amul butter ka zaika alag hi hota hai," he noted fondly. In addition, all your beloved masale used here are made from scratch at home, and that's how the authenticity is added!

Of A-1 quality & taste

While the food hub is visited by 400-500 street food admirers on a daily basis, we assure you that the pav bhaji here is worth the wait! Priced at ₹130, the bhaji is slightly spicy, filling, buttery, and tangy with pav that is soft and airy.

The place has maintained the quality and the taste and if you haven't had a bite in a long while, this is your hint. See you there!

Location: Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Craving for street food? Go back to the good old Bombay Pav Bhaji in Lucknow
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