From a graphic designer to a baker, Lucknow's Yours Breadly owner holds a unique backstory

From a graphic designer to a baker, Lucknow's Yours Breadly owner holds a unique backstory

The founder, Venuka Sangal, aims at spreading awareness about breads.

A budding entrepreneur from the city, Venuka Sangal came to limelight with her unique venture, Lucknow's Yours Breadly, during the lockdown as she went on an experimentation spree.

"I've always loved eating bread," Sangal put it as simply as one could. And that's the modest start of a brand that is loved and adored by majority of foodies in the city.

A rather aberrant story, today we take a peek into her journey from a graphic designer to one of the top names in rising self-made brands in Lucknow.

For those who 'love to eat'

Sangal, like most Indian kids, was working in a corporate sector, based in Delhi, as a graphic designer. And it was the lockdown that pushed her to try all those things she loved and experiment with cooking.

It was even before that that the Yours Breadly brainchild felt she could hardly ever stumble upon a good croissant or doughnut in Lucknow. "People majorly get into cakes, muffins, cupcakes and stuff, but not breads," she observed.

She realised these are some things the city does need. It was in October 2020 that she thought to herself, "Lemme give this a try", and she did more than that. Sangal, with all her heart and soul, and support of her family, came up with Yours Breadly. Pursuing Masters was her back-up plan, in case Yours Breadly didn't work, and she's glads that she never had to explore that option.

Insta-worthy breads

Her aim is to spread awareness about breads. An apparently plain connotation, breads is actually quite an unexplored area in the field of food in the country. It was a no brainer — Sangal wanted to bring the culture of eating breads to Lucknow. The actual breads, which are not as soft as cotton, come with varied textures and flavours and she wanted to both experiment with the same and bring about "sensitivity towards breads", as she pointed.

"Our aim is to bring to Lucknow Italian and French-style baked goods and the innumerable varieties of bread — absolutely fresh and handmade, of course. We want to serve bread without any pre-mixes, artificials, preservatives, softners — it'll always be pure bread as it is."

Venuka Sangal, founder of Yours Breadly, expressed

People are not aware that breads make an excellent gifting option too! Sangal noted. "They're equally gift-worthy."

When it comes to improvement in their reach, she credits the happening food fests in town, like Flea Affair and La Binge Fiesta, where Yours Breadly was an absolute hit amongst the crowds and people returning for their Caramel Rum Cake, Calzones and Doughnuts.

"We will keep making what our beloved customers want and we're enjoying this continuous process of improving ourselves," Sangal added.

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From a graphic designer to a baker, Lucknow's Yours Breadly owner holds a unique backstory
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