Grab affordable lunch meals from Delhi Lunch, a unique 'food car' in Lucknow!

Grab affordable lunch meals from Delhi Lunch, a unique 'food car' in Lucknow!

You can find the 'food car' near the Summit building in Gomti Nagar, every day from 12 PM - 5 PM.

You might be familiar with the concept of food trucks and vans, but ever heard about an eatery fully functional in a car? In a rather unique and pretty pocket-friendly, might we add, venture, this is a tale of two brothers from Delhi.

Starting at bare minimum rates, the food offered by Delhi Lunch in Lucknow is home-made and delicious. Attracting foodies from the city daily and serving happy customers from the diggy of the car, the entire food stock gets finished before it has a chance to turn cold!

For the sheer love for food & sevice

The two owners, Mukesh and Rajmaurya, made their way to the city from Delhi recently and started their business with high aims to serve good and affordable food to people. And they're doing pretty well at it, we say.

"Shuru se ghar ka hunar tha, kahin aur se nahi sikha (we've imbibed the skill of cooking from home from the very beginning)," explained Mukesh.

Their unique 'food car' offers you mouth-watering dishes like chole rice, rajma rice, matar paneer, dal makhani, pulao, along with roti are served in a platter, too. P.S. The menu changes daily so prepare to be surprised by Delhi Lunch. This also sits well with the people who suck at making decisions, just saying! A half plate here starts at merely ₹30 so you wouldn't burn your pockets for good food here, either!

To save the cost of opening a full fledged business with tons of other things attached to it, and for the sheer love for food and service, this 'food car' is a living example of "if you really want something, you'll find a way".

"We kept trying new dishes. We felt a car is better than a stall and that the corporate people needed good food in the area," Mukesh talked of the inspiration behind the idea.

Order the delicious food by Delhi Lunch

"We're getting a great response. Customers come again and again, and so we know people are liking the taste. It's their love that keeps us going," he added. Inspiring entrepreneurs from near and far, this 'food car' is only four months old and yet attracts hundreds of food lovers from across the city.

The good news is that the young brothers are soon planning to expand. Arriving soon on your Zomato and Swiggy, you will also see the car turning into a stall or a shop in the future. Until then, if you wanna have a bite of the tasty and buck-saving food, contact 9654424332 for delivery in the Gomti Nagar area. Or visit the lil car yourself anytime between 12 PM - 5 PM near the Summit building, opposite Parsvanath Planet.

Grab affordable lunch meals from Delhi Lunch, a unique 'food car' in Lucknow!
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