Picture of the old rotating globe.
Picture of the old rotating globe.

Historic Globe Park in Lucknow to regain its iconic rotating globe feature by June 2024

Are you ready to see the rotating globe once again?

Lucknow's cherished vintage park, Globe Park, is currently undergoing a significant makeover to restore its former glory. Established 58 years ago, the park is renowned for its unique rotating globe feature, which had gradually ceased functioning over time due to wear and tear.

In an exciting development, the old globe is now being replaced with a new one, weighing a substantial 6,050 kg. This restoration project aims to revive the park's iconic attraction and preserve its historical significance for generations to come.

Alongside the installation of the new globe, Globe Park will receive additional enhancements, including brand-new railings and water-based recreation facilities. Furthermore, reports suggest that a majestic fountain will adorn the park, adding to its charm and appeal.

With these upgrades underway, Globe Park is poised to emerge as a rejuvenated landmark in Lucknow, offering visitors an enhanced and delightful recreational experience amidst its timeless surroundings.

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