In a milestone victory, Lucknow's vaccination tally surges past the one million mark!

In a milestone victory, Lucknow's vaccination tally surges past the one million mark!

7.75 lakh people have received the first dose!

In a landmark victory against the COVID pandemic, Lucknow's vaccination achievement crossed over the 10-lakh mark on Friday with the inoculation of around 23,388 beneficiaries. This spectacular boost in the vaccination numbers has been attributed to the launch of mega vaccination centres in Lucknow under UP's Mission June initiative.

The District Magistrate congratulated the team on the success and rapid target fulfilment. He also highlighted that the state capital is the first city in North India to successfully administer over 1 million doses since the launch of the vaccination campaign in January 2021.

Rapid COVID vaccination in Lucknow

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Lucknow District Magistrate informed that a total of, 10,04,940 anti-COVID jabs have been administered here. Of this, 7.75 lakh people have received the first dose, while the remaining have completed their double-vaccination course. Since the launch of phase 3 COVID vaccination drive for all adults (people in the 18-44 age category) from May 1, around 2.56 lakh youth have received the COVID jab in Lucknow.

As yet, over 2.9 lakh doses have been allocated to the 18 to 45 age group in the city, which is the highest score in the state. Following this, about 2.3 lakh vaccine shots have been administered to those over 60 years of age, about 1.17 lakh shots among health workers and 1.01 lakh jabs among the frontline workers.

Spectacular response at mega vaccination centres in Lucknow

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As per reports, about 150 vaccination sites, including 7 private hospitals are currently deployed, to expedite the vaccination drive in the city. Besides this, vaccination is being conducted at all 19 CHCs and women and child hospitals, besides medical institutes. 3 mega vaccination centres - at Ekana Stadium, Chota Imamabara and KD Singh Baby Stadium, have also been provisioned in Lucknow. These have received an enthusiastic response from the city dwellers, progressing the city's target achievement rate.

Figures suggest that of the 23,388 people vaccinated on Friday in Lucknow, about 5,073 were inoculated at these 3 mega vaccination camps. In specific number, a total of 2,546 people got the anti-COVID shot at Ekana Stadium, 1,238 at the KD Singh Babu Stadium while 1,161 shots were given at the Chota Imambara camp.

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