Issa Vibe! Each of these places in Lucknow offers a different experience you just cannot miss

Issa Vibe! Each of these places in Lucknow offers a different experience you just cannot miss

Whether you wanna have a lit rave-experience or a wholesome buffet lunch with fam, our list covers it all!

If you want to chill on your day off and are looking for hangout places in Lucknow to go to for a good experience, we got you! Whether you want to have a nice meal or just gel with like-minded people, our list has it all.

Look no further because these are five different experiences in different parts of the city that will make your hang-out sessions absolutely lit! We can smell the weekend from here, can you?

Knees up at the one-and-only LOD at Regnant

Another lit place to hit on weekends to redefine partying scenes in the city is Lord of the Drinks (LOD) at Regnant. With concepts like Beer pong nights and ladies' nights, LOD still stands to rule the hearts of Lucknowites.

LOD at Regnant also flaunts a lavish rooftop that you can chill out on with your gang. Moreover, it features fresh DJs every weekend with music that is going to get you and your friends whirling with the beats!

Sip on some wild and thrilling flavours of Tom & Berry or indulge in the world of authentic Awadhi Biryani, and let LOD at Regnant make your day more celebratory and fun!

Location: 6th floor, The Regnant, Officers Colony, A-35, Nirala Nagar

Binge-eat from the BBQ Nation Buffet

For a wholesome and peaceful lunch/dinner with family or friends, head to one of the best buffets in town - Barbeque Nation. Encompassing all cuisines, BBQ Nation never disappoints!

When there's nothing lacking in the taste of the delectable food and fulfilling drinks, and the place also offers a peaceful vibe, your decision has been made for you!

Location: RiverSide Mall, 3rd floor, Gomti Nagar Ext Bypass Rd, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar

Be a family guy at Club Momentz

Perfect for family gatherings, Club Momentz is here to take your worries away for the day. With an exclusive rooftop gym, a relaxing yoga center and a fine dining space for all members of the family, Club Momentz makes for an ideal hang-out place.

With a large swimming pool also located in the premises, this club makes sure you have a relaxing and fun time!

Location: Gomti Nagar Road, Near Eldeco Elegance, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

Explore the world of fandom at The Fancave

The Fancave is basically your dream-come-true for fandom destinations in Lucknow. Whether you're a marvel or DC fan or a Potterhead, Fancave provides the best of theme-based experiences.

With good food, explore the varied posters or figurines of your favourite superhero. The collection of superhero memorabilia is commendable and will make you feel at home!

The cafe keeps hosting trivia evenings and different games to make it one of the most happening up and coming places in town.

Location: Fancave, Opposite The Woods, Naubasta, Deva Road

Roll into the weekend with style at Mashup!

And what did the bowling pins do after hearing a joke? They fell down laughing. *smirks* This was just to remind that Lucknow's first bowling cafe Mashup Cafe & Bar is here to give you a goood time. Bowling is one experience that you know you're going to enjoy and we're hyped that you're hyped!

Whether it's Friday nights sliding into cocktail nights or live musicians making you sway in rhythm, Mashup is a full-fledged fun package. Head to Mashup with your gang and spend hours rockin' & rollin' (geddit?).

Party or feast in the way you like because we will keep coming in with suggestions to make your days off well-lit! From somber lunches to wild rave scenes with the nightlife of Lucknow, these places will ensure you have a good time.

So whatever is your style, eat and celebrate you heart out!

Issa Vibe! Each of these places in Lucknow offers a different experience you just cannot miss
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