Lucknow marks COVID respite as fresh case tallies fall below the 100-mark on Monday!

Lucknow marks COVID respite as fresh case tallies fall below the 100-mark on Monday!

Around 84 new coronavirus cases were clocked in at Lucknow today.

Amid the persistent fear of the coronavirus pandemic, Lucknow was awarded a major respite on Monday, when the daily surge was restricted within the 100-case cap. As per reports, around 84 fresh detections were recorded here in the past 24 hours, which highlight the positive yield of the present curfew restrictions. Parallelly, recovery outpaced the new case count to log in 158 discharges, effectively reducing the active load.

Curfew curbs will be eased when Lucknow records sub-600 active cases

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The receded growth and transmission rate of coronavirus in Lucknow has awarded the city with a reduced count of active cases. It may be noted that Lucknow no longer nurses the highest load of active patients here, with the present 2,280 infections. If the infection graph maps a similar downward trajectory, the state capital will soon be able to limit current cases at sub-600 tallies, harnessing relaxations in the curfew curbs.

These healing trends were further propelled by a dynamic vaccination drive. So far, around 9,00,490 jabs of the COVID vaccine have been administered here, the highest across Uttar Pradesh, since the launch of the immunisation drive in January. This number is yet to witness another dynamic boost with the onset of the mass vaccination drive in the city.

The District Administration has prepared 3 mega vaccination centres at the Chota Imamabara, Ekana Stadium and the KD Singh Babu Stadium, which have been equipped to cater the vaccination to about 11,000 citizens. In addition to these, other special provisions have also been established in the city to improve the overall health infrastructure and minimise the viral load.

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