Lucknow resident duped by fake CBI agents in Special 26-style scam

Lucknow resident duped by fake CBI agents in Special 26-style scam

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In an unexpected twist, a resident of Lucknow's Aliganj area fell victim to a duo posing as CBI agents. Malay Ganguli, en route to Goel Market for his morning routine, was intercepted near the Mama crossing by two plainclothes individuals. Claiming to be CBI agents, they persuaded Malay to hand over his valuables, citing a rise in city robberies.

In a moment of vulnerability, Malay surrendered his possessions, including a gold chain and two rings. The imposters substituted them with fake items, disguised in paper. Advising Malay to conceal the package under his scooter seat, they cautioned against inspection until he reached home.

Feeling coerced by the encounter, Malay complied without questioning and departed. However, upon reaching home, he uncovered the swapped ornaments within the wrapper, realizing he had fallen victim to the ruse.

The case has now been filed and is being looked into.

So what we're saying is- scams like these can catch anyone off guard. Staying cautious, especially in quiet areas late at night or early in the morning, is important. While authorities work on improving security, being alert and avoiding isolated spots can go a long way in staying safe from such scams.

-With inputs from IANS

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