Lucknowites, hit the party-perfect LOD Regnant for a poolside extravaganza & lit drinks

Lucknowites, hit the party-perfect LOD Regnant for a poolside extravaganza & lit drinks

Lord of The Drinks 2.0 welcomes all for chill party scenes & rave vibes!

With multiple seating arrangements, refreshing beverages, lip-smacking dishes, happening events and above all, a pool-side grandiosity, Lord of The Drinks 2.0 at The Regnant has it all planned for you!

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Forever at your service, with kickass parties, kitties, chill-dining, ladies' nights and so much more, LOD is a place for all. With both indoor and outdoor seating, the place welcomes all with open arms. Since it's located on the sixth floor of The Regnant hotel, you also have a beautiful city view to enjoy with your delicious food and drinks!

Drinks to quench that partayy thirst

Besides the delectable food, LOD Regnant flaunts an indoor lavish bar for you to enjoy as many fulfilling drinks. The large range of mocktails and cocktails gives the consumers a plethora of choices.

Amidst the many mocktails, the much recommended are Signature Chapman (with fresh orange, mint leaves, goodness of pomegranate and lemonade), and Pomegranate & Basil Cooler.

For those who are seeking a kick with the help of cocktails, LIIT with Kala Khatta, which is a part of LOD's Chuski bar, is highly praiseworthy. Another drink worth mentioning is the Mystical, an LOD signature cocktail which has mace infused vodka, with added orange ice and cloud. Red apple & Litchi Rose Wine, Maple old fashioned and Flaming Tower (literally, a tower of various shots!) can be explored from, too!

If you're a coffee lover and also want your alcohol dosage, Calypso Coffee cocktail (blended with the goodness of rum, vanilla and coffee) is for you!

Pool-side extravaganza

In addition, if a fancy pool party is what you and your gang needs, be prepared because LOD Regnant is here to give you a good time! Have a ball with your loved ones, splashing about and dancing, or just relax with them and your drinks, chilling by the pool.

P.S. You can actually live this luxurious affair by booking the pool, exclusively for you and your friends, through the Lords at the Regnant.

Knock knock

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So, people, what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing heels and let your hair down to enjoy a pitcher-perfect evening by the pool. Take your friends or family with you to live this grand party affair like no other!

Location: Lord Of the Drinks, 6th floor, The Regnant, Officers Colony, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226020

Lucknowites, hit the party-perfect LOD Regnant for a poolside extravaganza & lit drinks
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