Master spoken English from the comfort of your home, in a fun-filled manner, with EngVarta!

Master spoken English from the comfort of your home, in a fun-filled manner, with EngVarta!

The EngVarta app's simple-to-use method comprises engaging in calls with experts daily and completing tailor-made assignments.

Hola! If your interest lies in mastering English language, whether it is for acing job interviews, excelling in presentations or hitting an 8-band score in the IELTS exam, this piece is for you!

If you're on the journey of becoming fluent in English, we're assuming you'd probably be tired of textbooks and grammar drills. Or do ceaseless rules and regulations of the language fade the fun out of it?

If yes, a well-learned team at the EngVarta app can help you master spoken English from the comfort of your homes, in a fun-filled, comfortably-paced and simple manner!

So, how does EngVarta work?

The app provides an environment like the one in which you first learnt your mother language. What makes it stand apart is that EngVarta focusses on practise rather than rules, by fostering an immersive environment to enhance your English-speaking skills.

Whether you are a beginner, a fluent speaker or lie somewhere in the middle, EngVarta will allow you to be consistent and disciplined with the language by helping you get connected with different experts. These guides will, further, give constructive feedback during each session and highlight any particular mistake you're making in order for you to rectify and work on the problem areas.

Moreover, with EngVarta's AI-powered assignment practise tool, you will be given assignments that will be custom-tailored for you. For instance, if your goal is to score well on the IELTS examination, the cue card and Q & A in the daily assignments will be around that particular goal. In case you change your goal in future, the app experts will adapt and alter the assignments accordingly.

Rest assured, all the calls will be recorded for you to get thorough post the session, too. Here, making mistakes is A-okay! Within no time, you'll be able to strengthen your hold on the English language and grasp grammatical concepts well so that they may stick.

P.S. The platform is completely anonymous and both users and experts know each other through their nicknames.

An ideal English Speaking practise app in your pocket — EngVarta

Along with expert solutions via calls and assignments, a plethora of listening and speaking exercises, you can also try the app's free video vocabs, weekly activities and YouTube lessons.

Wanna embark on this vibrant voyage? The first step is downloading the EngVarta app and jumping on a call with a live expert. This trial session, to understand your background and help with any questions you might have, costs ₹69 and will last 10 minutes. Once you're done with the trial session, select a learning plan as per your preference and begin polishing those skills today! Achieve fluency and comfort with the English language in no time.

If you're a Knocksense member, you can also avail 8% discount on the EngVarta app on any regular plan. Use coupon code 'Knocksense' and you're good to go!

P.S. The EngVarta app can be accessed all around the globe. Check out their website to know more. Download the app on Android or Apple and feel the change today.

Master spoken English from the comfort of your home, in a fun-filled manner, with EngVarta!
5 tips to master spoken English; From the experts at EngVarta

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