Meet independent India's first lady IAS officer- Isha Basant Joshi
Isha Basant Joshi, India's first woman IAS officer

Meet independent India's first lady IAS officer- Isha Basant Joshi

Isha Basant Joshi was India's first female civil servant during British rule from Lucknow

At a time when women were under restrictions of the purdah system, Isha Basant Joshi achieved what was way ahead of its time- becoming the first female civil servant of free India. Born on December 31st, 1908, Joshi was born and brought up in Lucknow.

Her achievements did not end at just becoming an IAS officer- Isha Basant Joshi is a name everyone should remember, but very few actually do.

Isha Basant Joshi is an Inspiration for Modern Women 

Isha Basant Joshi completed her schooling at the La Martiniere Girls College, one of Lucknow's most prominent educational institutions. She was the first Indian girl to be accepted into the elite group of "Bastion of the British."

She graduated from Isabella Thoburn College and went on to pursue her Master's in Arts from Lucknow University. Later, Isha moved to Britain for higher education and gained merit scholarships throughout.

Joshi was not only the first female IAS officer, she was also the first woman lecturer to be hired at the Men's Government Training Centre in Allahabad. She served as the Joint Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner of Lucknow and later served as Deputy and Joint Secretary of the ministry of the Indian Government.

Isha Basant Joshi also wrote poems under the name Esha Joshi. A collection of her poetry was published in 1987, titled "Spindraft." Her writings showed a hint of the Victorian period with a touch of modernism.

Joshi's life, even now, is no less than a source of motivation for the women of India. Her works and achievements are lost somewhere in the books of Indian Independence.

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