Veggie surprise on the go! Here's a list of 11 veg rolls that you must try in Lucknow

Veggie surprise on the go! Here's a list of 11 veg rolls that you must try in Lucknow

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Alright, folks, we've heard your cravings loud and clear! To satisfy your on-the-go munchies, we've put together a drool-worthy list of veg roll varieties from all corners of Lucknow.

Wrap, gyro, burrito, frankie—different names, same feeling. These handy vegetarian rolls are the best go-to options to statiate those cruel hunger pangs and are super convenient because all you've to do is, grab and go! Now it is time for you to make this list your ultimate culinary roadmap and try the delectable veg roll options:

Cheese Veg Frankie @Rovers, Hazratganj

It's a known fact that when it comes to frankies, Rovers Cafe in Lucknow stands as the undisputed favourite. For a delectable experience, venture into their world of flavours with the Cheese Veg Frankie – an irresistible creation featuring perfectly seasoned veggies snugly wrapped in tawa roti.

Price: ₹220

Makka Palak Roll @Goli Vada Pav, Gomti Nagar

Goli Vada Pav in Lucknow offers a plethora of veg snacks. If you lean towards green, leafy, and slightly healthier munchies, delve into the truly yummy and extremely wholesome Makka Palak (Spinach Corn) roll!

Price: ₹120

Veg kebab roll @Narayan Veg, Naka Hindola/Bangla Bazaar

If you live in the old Lucknow or even the Alambagh area, chances are you've savored the awesome flavours of Narayan Veg Shop's kebab roll. In case you haven't experienced it yet, make it a must to drop by and indulge in their enticing veg kebab roll.

Price: ₹30

Veg Kebab Roll @Deva Food Mart, Kapoorthala

When it comes to vegetarian food, Deva Food Mart undeniably deserves a mention. Their veg kebab is an epitome of supremacy – perfectly cooked, melt-in-the-mouth, and truly premium.

Price: ₹90

Butter Malai Chaap Roll @Sardarji Chaap Wale, Aashiyana

Fan of absolutely rich, loaded-with-butter varieties of soya chaap? If that's the case, then you must try the Butter Malai Chaap Roll at Aashiyana's iconic Sardar Ji Chaap Wale shop in the Sector G area.

Price: ₹140

Paneer Cheese Kathi Roll @Mezbaan Mughlai Point, Tedhi Puliya

Combining the aromatic Awadhi spice blend with the flavourful kathi paneer mix, the kathi paneer filling is slow-cooked in a tandoor alongside a medley of crisp veggies. When around Tedhi Puliya do give a shot to this amazing roll at Mezbaan Mughlai Point.

Price: ₹150

Paneer Frankie @Marksman

Who doesn't know Marksman? This legendary outlet also boasts of some delightful veg roll options, apart from the enticing main courses, appetizers, and delightful desserts. Craving a swift yet flavorful bite? No worries, indulge in the delectable Paneer Frankie for a burst of their best flavors on the move!

Price: ₹200

Mushroom Franky @Raj & Raj, Aashiyana

Think there's a scarcity of variety in vegetarian fare? Think again! Raj & Raj restaurant in Aashiyana offers yet another hatke veg roll variant—the irresistible Mushroom Frankie. Impeccably seasoned and snugly wrapped in tawa roti, it promises a portable, flavourful euphoria for your on-the-go cravings!

Price: ₹140

Veg Kathi Roll @Bhargavas Restaurant and Banquet, LDA Colony

A hotspot for RMNLU students in the LDA Colony area, this eatery is a must-visit. Indulge in their Veg Kathi Roll, where impeccably cooked veggies are seasoned with fabulous condiments, creating a delightful burst of flavours.

Price: ₹100

Chatpate Chhole Wrap @The Good Bowl, Hazratganj

For aficionados of authentic North Indian cuisine, the Chatpate Chhole Roll is the snack of choice! Easily order online from The Good Bowl or grab one when in the vicinity of Hazratganj.

Price: ₹100

Mexican Wrap @Burger Lane, Block C, Rajajipuram

Dive into the vibrant Mexican flavors at Burger Lane in Rajajipuram, where the Mexican Wrap is a sensation. Loaded with corn, jalapenos, olives, bell peppers, and an array of amazing condiments, it's a taste sensation not to be missed.

Price: ₹120

Having navigated the scrumptious array of delights from the list, chances are you're already drooling, eagerly anticipating that perfect roll to satisfy your cravings.

Every veggie roll from the list offers a tantalizing experience. Mesmerizingly flavourful, piping hot, and oozing out the juicy wholesomeness! So, the next time those hunger pangs kick in, don't resist the urge—hit the streets, embark on a ROLL adventure, or effortlessly order online.

Veggie surprise on the go! Here's a list of 11 veg rolls that you must try in Lucknow
Up for a flavourful 'ROLL'ercoaster ride? Try these 11 rolls in Lucknow!

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