'When you adopt, you save 3 lives': Riveting story of Nawabi Tails, an animal rescue team in Lucknow

'When you adopt, you save 3 lives': Riveting story of Nawabi Tails, an animal rescue team in Lucknow

The 10-year-old NGO rescues and tends to thousands of animals every year.

If you're a pet lover who feels strongly about animal welfare, this article is for you! Meet Dr Vishakha Shukla, the Godmother of animals in need in Lucknow. Coming from the sheer feeling of rescuing troubled dogs to now running a full-fledged foster care home for abandoned animals, Nawabi Tails Rescue is a tale of courage and hope.

Nestled in Gomti Nagar extension, Nawabi Tails started 10 years ago while Vishakha was a student in Lucknow's KGMU. Cut to today, the NGO has become a beacon of hope for animals in need and shelters some 186 dogs, 18 cats and 1 baby goat!

Finding loving homes for the rescued

On one distress call from any volunteer or person from across the city, the armed team at Nawabi Tails Rescue comes to the rescue of any stray by bringing them into their foster care facility. They don't just tend to injuries, they also look after the emotional welfare of animals.

The foundation's mission revolves around rescuing animals from distressing situations, rehabilitating them and ultimately finding suitable homes for them. And the love extends beyond sheltering and caregiving. It also incorporates creating awareness about animal welfare and promoting a harmonious coexistence of animals amidst humans.

"We take care of emotional rehabilitation of the kid in need and only when they're ready (after they're neutered and sterilised) do we let them go back on the street. This is also done so that these kids don't go biting people because of the trauma they incurred in early life," Vishakha, who calls these rescues "kids", explains.

"In case of a paralysis, disability, terminal disease, old age or in cases where they come from a very abused background, kids stay with us permanently. For the remaining, we try and find the most loving families to adopt them," she shares further, in conversation with Knocksense.

Some 3,000 four-legged beings rescued in the past 2 years: The story of Nawabi Tails

"We don't just have Indian dogs, but even pedigree dogs who've been abused in life by the previous owner. For some reason, people don't seem to adopt Indian breeds. However, when you adopt, you save three lives," Vishakha explains.

She elaborates, "one- you're saving the kid. Secondly, when you adopt one, there's space created in our foster facility for an animal in greater need, in turn, saving a new life. And third, you save the life of the mother who is forced to produce litters."

In 2022, Nawabi Tails rescued some 1306 animals. While in 2021, as many as 1,500 animals were rescued and cared for.

'Please do adopt', appeals Nawabi Tails' founder

Founded with a deep passion for animal welfare, Nawabi Tails Rescue is equipped with veterinary care, living space and a team of caretakers providing attention to animals in need. Whether it's an abused dog recovering from injuries, a kitten abandoned on the streets, or a goat needing care, Nawabi Tails Rescue opens its doors to all. The good folks here believe in finding loving homes for every rescued animal. But their adoption programs do need our support.

"Please adopt!" Vishakha sends an earnest message to all.. So, if you're reading this, spread the message along.

This is a tale of compassion and care for our four-legged friends for Nawabi Tails Rescue weaves a new narrative of empathy and responsibility, fostering a future where every animal is valued, loved and embraced.

Check out https://www.instagram.com/nawabitailsrescue/ to know more.

Contact: 079059 34763

Foster care location: Geetapuri Rd, Geeta Puri, Khargapur, Gomti Nagar, Extn, Lucknow

'When you adopt, you save 3 lives': Riveting story of Nawabi Tails, an animal rescue team in Lucknow
Join hands with Lucknow's Nawabi Tails Rescue to protect the city's stray, this Int'l Dog Day!

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