Bookmark THIS list of 7 beaches in and around Mumbai, to take a breather!

Bookmark THIS list of 7 beaches in and around Mumbai, to take a breather!

Bookmark these right away!

Mumbai is a city bustling with dreams of people, from different walks of life. However, to provide solace to the residents and tourists, amidst this chaotic rhythm, Mumbai offers various tranquil expanses of the Arabian Sea. So, here we have a list of top 7 beaches in and around Mumbai that you can bookmark for your next day out in the sun!

Juhu Beach 

Undoubtably the most famous beach and also the city's largest, Juhu Beach is a frequent attraction for both locals and tourists of Mumbai. Dig your toes into the brown sand here, while the cool water washes away your feet and enjoy the calming sunset.

Versova Beach 

Frequented by couples and youngsters, Versova Beach is found at the northern end of Juhu. The beach is quite famous for its clean water, vibrant boats, captivating sun setting into the Arabian Sea and famous restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Aksa Beach 

Dotted with private cottages and hotels, Aksa Beach is refreshing spot with no food stalls by the shore. The beach has INS Hamla (a base of the Indian Navy) at one end and Dana Paani Beach at the other end. Aksa is a delightful stretch of sand where you can take in a clean view of the Arabian Sea without a care in the world.

Girgaum Chowpatty Beach 

Along the Queen's Necklace adjoining Marine Drive in the Girgaon area of Mumbai, Girgaum Beach is often referred to as ‘Chowpatty’. Heavily commercialised, here you'll find office-goers chilling after work, families taking a stroll by the sea and young couples enjoying sunset.

Madh Island Beach

Famous for its weekend parties, film shoots and Madh Fort (an old Portuguese fortification)— Madh Island Beach is every tourists’s delight. It is surrounded by beautiful cluster of mangroves, dinky fishing villages, lush green resorts and bungalows, which add to the scenic beauty.

Gorai Beach 

Calm and soothing waves welcome you to Gorai Beach. Unlike others, Gorai still remains untouched by the rampant crowd of the city. Except for some shack-style establishments that sell beach gear or light snacks, there aren’t many shops here.

Marve Beach 

Marve Beach is another quiet sanctuary for friends and families, looking to spend a pleasant day without spending too much. It is ideal for a day out, to play cricket on the sand, walking along the shore or to enjoy trail of cashew trees and private homes lined by edge of the beach.

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