From flagging off India's first bus to welcoming its inaugural airport, know THESE 6 Mumbai facts

From flagging off India's first bus to welcoming its inaugural airport, know THESE 6 Mumbai facts

Tracing the historic firsts in the city.

Welcome to Mumbai, the city that wears the crown of 'firsts'! From India's first-ever train journey in 1853 to welcoming the country's inaugural airport in 1928, Mumbai is a treasure trove of pioneering moments. So join us on a journey through time in the city that doesn't just keep up with trends; it sets them – Mumbai, the city of firsts!

1853: First Train Journey

Hop on board the nostalgia express! Mumbai takes pride in being the starting point of India's first-ever train journey in 1853, chugging from Mumbai Central to Thane. From that historic ride to the countless journeys that followed, Mumbai and its railways have been on an epic track of progress and connection!

1857: First Modern Institution in India

Born in 1857, the University of Bombay proudly claims the crown as the first modern higher education institution in the country. However, it does not fly solo; in the same year, modern universities sprouted up in Madras and Calcutta, marking a revolutionary moment in 1857!

1896: First Movie Screening in India

Back on July 17, 1896, the Lumière Brothers made history by hosting India's first movie show at Mumbai's Watson Hotel. Marius Sestier, the French Cinematographer, was the star of the show, dazzling an enthusiastic English audience with six foreign short films. That moment ignited the film scene, setting the stage for the vibrant world of movies in the city that never sleeps!

1918: First Yoga Institute of India

Pause, inhale, and dive into a hundred-year-old oasis of calm at The Yoga Institute in Santacruz, India's OG yoga hub. Planted by Shri Yogendra Ji in 1918, this place is the oldest yoga spot in the world. It proudly became the world's first yoga center to dish out free courses to anyone, no matter their background, way back then!

1926: First Bus Service in India

Back in 1926, the British kicked off India's first-ever bus service right here in Mumbai. These buses cruised along a route from Afghan Church to Crawford Market, and the fare for the ride was four annas, equivalent to 25 paise. Two single-decker buses made up the fleet. Surprisingly, it was ferrying over 5 million passengers every day! Even though those iconic buses might have hit the brakes, the lively spirit of Mumbai's bustling transport scene still rings through its streets.

1928: First Airport of India

Take a flight back in time to where Mumbai's aviation story began! The Juhu Aerodrome, founded in 1928, soared as India's inaugural airport. Fast forward to today, and we have the bustling 'Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport,' ranked as the third-best international airport in the country.

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