Weather Update| Mumbai records driest August since 2015, with only 176 mm of rainfall

Weather Update| Mumbai records driest August since 2015, with only 176 mm of rainfall

As per IMD, in 2015, Mumbai had recorded only 154 mm of rainfall.

Despite a wet July, Mumbai's August 2023 was the driest, after almost a decade. According to India Meteorological Department (IMD), only 176.8 mm of rainfall was recorded in August 2023, which is 31% of the monthly average rainfall quota of 566.4 mm. 

As per officials, the primary reason for this monsoon trough has been attributed to weak currents in the Arabian Sea. Further, Long-Range Forecast (LRF) has predicted no possibility of heavy rainfall till September 10, over Mumbai and the Konkan belt.

Meanwhile, water stock in all the seven lakes that supply water to Mumbai stand at an average of 90.55%, while on August 31, 2022, the level was at 96% and in 2021, it was 88%. Out of the seven lakes, Vehar and Tulsi lakes are at 100% capacity, while Tansa stands at 99%, followed by Modak Sagar at 98%, Middle Vaitarna at 97%, Bhatsa at 88% and Upper Vaitarna at 78%.

Despite the delay in monsoon, Mumbai recorded 549 mm of rainfall in June, which surpassed the monthly expected quota of 537 mm. Moreover, in July, 1769 mm of rainfall was recorded, which was almost double the average quantum of rainfall. With this, Mumbai had already surpassed the seasonal average of rain, by the end of July

As per weather trivia, the driest August in Mumbai till date, was recorded in 1972, when IMD recorded 108.6 mm of rain and the wettest August was recorded in 1958, when the city received 1,254 mm of rainfall in the month.

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