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36 new dengue cases reported in Lucknow on Wednesday

Amid the rapid spread of dengue in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow has reported the maximum number of cases this year with a current tally of over 575 cases. Reportedly, 36 new dengue cases were detected in the city on October 13. The surge in cases even after the implementation of mitigation and preventive measures, is a cause of concern for the authorities.

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Dengue tally in Indore spikes up with 16 new cases recorded on Thursday

Driven by a continuous surge in new cases, Indore's cumulative dengue caseload might surpass the records of the past three years. With 16 fresh patients registered on Thursday, the total tally has touched 344 now. As per reports, this count is only 12 cases less than the 356 infections recorded in 2017 and 14 patients less than 358 victims of 2018. Raising concerns for Health Department, the high number has alarmed the officials, who are thinking about new measures to curb the surge.

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Highest daily spike of 24 new dengue cases logged in Lucknow on Thursday

Amidst the fear of an impending third COVID-19 wave, the citizens of Lucknow are now battling against the rampant spread of dengue as well. On Thursday, the city witnessed its sharpest single-day spike, where 24 new dengue cases pushed the season's cumulative tally to over 200.

Of this fresh rise, about 15 cases were admitted in Lohia Institute, 5 in Lokhbandu Hospital and 4 at SPM Civil Hospital. Reportedly, scrub typhus and chikungunya are also on the rise here, adding to the administration's health concerns.

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