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Lucknow's Vintage Machine is brewing free coffees for all, on their 5th birthday tomorrow

When it comes to chilling with buddies or bae over a cup of coffee in Lucknow, Vintage Machine is one of the first places which pops up in our minds. The chill vibes coupled with great music, the welcoming decor and of course, their food and beverage menu, just pulls us in like no other! So if you're a VM fan just like us or are a sucker for a good cup of joe, then tomorrow you should be here as VM is brewing FREE COFFEES for all, on the occasion of their 5th birthday.

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Get your daily dose of caffeine from these 5 cafes in Lucknow

They say humanity runs on coffee and we can't help but agree wholeheartedly with the 'bitter' truth of this statement. Be it the motivation to kickstart a day, an important meeting, a casual hangout, those late-night study sessions or a romantic date, coffee becomes an indispensable essential in each scenario.

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