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IIT Kanpur launches NSVS to monitor the climate change impact on Ganga's ecosystem

Apex technology institute of Kanpur, the IIT has developed an Aquatic Autonomous Observatory named Niracara Svayamsasita Vedh Shala (NSVS) for monitoring the riverine ecosystem of the River Ganga. The body will record real-time data transmissions and web-based visualisations of the river to study the effect of environmental change on the waterbody's health. With a robust management system, the NSVS will notably sustain itself independently.

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Maharashtra gets a State Council to mitigate & adapt to the 'climate emergency'

Waging a focussed war against the rising impact of climate change in the state, the Maharashtra government announced the formation of a state-wide council for the same, on Wednesday. This designated board is expected to draft a climate control action plan for Maharashtra to mitigate the "climate emergency". As announced by the Environment Minister of the state, the State Council for Climate Change (SCCC) will present a strategy to fight the challenges of the climate crisis, within a month.

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Mumbai among 31 cities of the world to sign the C40 Urban Nature Declaration

Mumbai is among the world's greatest 31 cities that have signed the C40 Urban Nature Declaration which aims at creating more public green and blue spaces. This initiative has been taken up with a view of making these metropolises greener in the coming years. Apart from this, this decision is expected to speed up the existing efforts to make communities healthier, improve air quality and help protect towns from the dire consequences of climate change, such as extreme heat, flooding and drought.

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Kanpur, Jaipur, Lucknow & Mumbai tagged as 'environmentally vulnerable' cities by Maplecroft study

Indian cities have been facing environmental challenges, such as heatwaves and untimely rainfall, for several years now and these issues have been attributed to their dense population and high pollution levels. Backing these observations is a recent, 37-page report on 'City Risk Analysis' in the Environmental Risk Outlook 2021 study by Verisk Maplecroft. As per this report, Kanpur has been ranked 10th, followed by Jaipur (22nd), Lucknow (24th) and Mumbai (27th). With 43 Indian cities in the top 100, our country is the most at-risk nation in the world!

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