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Goa readies PICUs & task force to safeguard kids during predicted third wave

The Goa government learnt a tough lesson during the second wave of corona transmission, when the state registered the highest infection positivity rate in the country. Taking lessons on preparedness from failures of this time, the state government has launched preparations to combat the predicted third wave, which is believed to affect children.

As per reports, the government is working in coordination with AIIMS to produce SOPs for the management of COVID in children. Further, it has decided to increase the number of Paediatric ICUs and has deployed a special task force to deal with the upcoming situation, among other things.

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Curfew in Goa extended till 31 May amid an upward trajectory of infections!

On Friday, the administrative authorities of Goa extended the lockdown till May 31, which was supposed to terminate originally on May 23. Since Goa has the second-highest positivity rate in the country, after Lakshadweep, this move has been implemented in an attempt to flatten the curve. Hit doubly hard during the current time, owing to both the pandemic and Cyclone Tauktae, the situation in Goa is being closely monitored by the officials for imparting proper rescue and relief to the residents.

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COVID teams visit 3 crore houses in remote areas across Lucknow & other UP districts in 7 days!

The Uttar Pradesh Government has adopted an aggressive door-to-door surveillance strategy to check the spread of coronavirus in rural and remote areas, across the territory. Special COVID teams have been tasked to progress the initiative and screen for infected patients in a systematic and thorough manner. As per reports, these teams have successfully visited over 3 crore houses in the state in just 7 days.

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9 lifestyle measures to boost your immunity & pose a strong fight against the COVID virus!

Plunging the nation into an unprecedented crisis, the second wave of COVID pandemic has plundered the peace of individuals across all parts of India. With no specific medicines available to annihilate the deadly virus, unimaginable fears and uncertainties have gripped our lives. Under such circumstances, it is our body that needs to be strengthened with a toughened protective shield complemented by the ability to combat the virus, if the need arises. So, here are 9 simple lifestyle measures that will help uplift your body vitals and foster better functioning of the immune system!

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Pan Masala banned in UP following nationwide lockdown to fight COVID-19

The Uttar Pradesh government banned the production and sale of pan masala for the next 21 days, until the end of the nationwide lockdown. One may ask why this move was necessary, and the answer is simple- pan masala can be an easy carrier of the deadly virus.

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