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Ever tried a meaty dal-baati? Head to THIS place in Lucknow for a quick bite!

For all the dal baati variants that fall between the Rajasthani and Bihari speciality, we suggest you try out this delicacy in a Lakhnawi style. Yes, Lakhnawi dal baati exists, courtesy- Abhishek Kitchen in the Aliganj area of Lucknow. This food cart is satisfying the cravings of foodies of Lucknow with its lip-smacking Mutton Tadka with Bati. Moreover, by offering other numerous succulent non-vegetarian dishes at budget-friendly rates, Abhishek Kitchen has quickly become the talk of the town!

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Satisfy your monsoon cravings as you order food from THESE 7 places in Lucknow today!

The arrival of rains in Lucknow has lulled us all under the spell of the rainy season, intensifying our cravings for a hearty and warm snack, more than ever. If you too are craving a little something extra than the usual combo of garam chai and pakode to reel in this enchanting weather, then we've got your back. So move over your regular snacks and get your favourites delivered right at your doorstep from any or ALLL of these 7 places in Lucknow!

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Take a culinary tour of Goa with a virtual exploration of THESE 5 items GI tagged to the state

The aroma of authentic Goan cuisine and its unique spice palette is one of the major attractions of the sunshine state, apart from its mesmerising coastline. While the pandemic is not giving us the opportunity to explore these distinctive aspects in person, we have brought forth a list of 5 food items that have been GI tagged to Goa. So, let's undertake a virtual gastronomical adventure of intense Goan flavours!

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Almost 100 km away from Indore, Mandu tells the tales of Khorasani Imli's journey!

There is an ocean named after India and this feat owes gratitude to the fact that our country had established trade practices with faraway kingdoms, since ancient times! As a result of these trade exchanges, several exotic flora and fauna found their way into our country and one such gift, is a baobab tree planted in Mandu, located some 100 km from Indore. The fruit of this tree, called Khorasani Imli, is relished by localities and tourists alike. Tag along with us as we dish out more details about this eccentric fruit from foreign shores!

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Add Boho-chic essentials to your wardrobe while curbing your cravings at Goa's Mermaid's Boutique

As soon as the thought of 'Goa' pops in your head, it is followed by a quick glance at your wardrobe, isn't it?! Well, this may be because Goa has been a creative hub for fashion designers and boutiques, which have wrapped the state in a colourful and oh-so boho fashion vibe! One such modiste is Katja Grew, who has set up a vibrant shop near Anjuna Beach by the name of Mermaid's Boutique, where you can treat yourself to a shopping session as you enjoy their delicacies. So even if you cannot find clothes that vibe with the Goan aura before you step into the state, once you are here, this boutique will not let you leave empty-handed.

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