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IMD predicts heavy rains in Goa till Friday

IMD has pointed out the likeliness of isolated extremely heavy rainfalls along the Goa and Konkan coast for the next 24 hours. As per reports, the monsoon winds will soak the coastal state in a heavy downpour of up to 204.4mm on Tuesday. The weather forecast stated that these conditions will prevail until Friday here, where isolated heavy bursts can be expected.

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IMD issues Orange Alert in Goa from June 11-13

The Indian Meteorological Department has raised an orange grade rain alert in Goa, from June 11 to 13 to ensure the state's preparedness for the upcoming intense southwest monsoon activity. From today onwards, the coastal state is expected to be washed by very heavy to extremely heavy rains. As per forecasts, this condition will stretch for a week here. The IMD will also keep precautionary tabs on areas prone to flooding and landslides to mitigate the calamity impact in case of an emergency.

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