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'Aatmanirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa' scheme to bolster economic growth in the state

The Goa government, last month, released an action plan to back the agriculture and animal husbandry sector, under its 'Aatmanirbhar' plan. There are a set of initiatives under the 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa programme' (ABSGP), which is inclusive of promoting dairy and poultry farming. The scheme also talks about keeping a check on wild animals and cattle at agriculture fields. Further, to facilitate the growth of farmers in the state, crop insurance and fencing will be made available.

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Goa becomes the 1st Indian state to make digitally-signed survey plans available online!

In a first across the nation, Goa has launched a service that makes digitally signed surveys available online. This aid will efficiently ease, enhance and digitise the accessibility of people's property plans. The service was launched in an inauguratory event at the Secretariat on Friday.

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Goa sees a spike in cases of Jellyfish stings along the state's beaches; official advisory issued

Residents and tourists in Goa are being cautioned by the state's lifeguard agency as on Thursday, over 90 cases of jellyfish stings were reported along the state's beaches. This prompted the on-duty lifeguards to administer first-aid to beachgoers over the last two days. In a official statement, Drishti Marine, a private lifeguard agency hired by the Goa government to lead he state's popular beaches, urged tourists and beachgoers to exercise caution while hitting the surf, especially close to the shoreline.

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Goa's Tourism Policy 2020 to steer clear the state's reputation of a drugs' destination

On Wednesday, the Goa Government announced Tourism Policy 2020 and a Tourism Master Plan at a press conference. The Chief Minister of the state said that this approval was long awaited and the license fee for beach shacks has been reduced by 50%. The Tourism Minister also added that, under the tourism policy, a tourism board will be set up which would include experts from various fields.

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To ensure the safety of tourists & tackle crimes, 2 new police districts formed in Goa

The Goa government on Monday, divided the two existing police districts in the state to four, carving out two new police districts for administrative convenience and maintaining law and order more efficiently. Moreover, this step was undertaken to tackle crimes related to tourists, floating migrant population, as well as dealing with the infrastructure stress caused by constant VVIP arrivals to Goa. "The government of Goa has decided to create two new police districts namely Mapusa and Ponda. Hence, there will now be a total of four police districts with four district Superintendents. This decision will enable better and effective control over law and order, and prevention of crime," the Chief Minister of Goa stated on Monday.

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