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Unleash the adventurer in you & embark upon a safari in the backwaters of Goa's Cumbarjua Canal

If adventure is what you are seeking in Goa, then the birdwatching and crocodile safari in the backwaters of the Cumbarjua Canal has to be on your itinerary. Rowing you to to witness an-all new facet of the coastal state, this tour takes you on an adventure ride that is characterised by thrill and amazement in the backdrop of a scenic horizon!

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Steer away from the beaches to Rivona Caves in South Goa for an unforgettable adventure spree

The state of Goa has a lot to offer than just the scenic beaches and thrilling party scenes. If you have the zeal to look beyond, you will find a wonderland of culture, history and architecture to be amazed at. One such lesser-known place in the sunshine state is the Rivona Caves, which etch the traces of Buddhist divinity here. Located in the small village of Rivona, just 5 km northeast of Ponda, these caves are hidden from the main road, by the drapes of thick green covers.

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Blending adventure & solitude, Goa's Pequeno island promises you a getaway like no other!

A kilometre away from the Baina beach in the Vasco city, the Pequeno island, commonly known as the Bat island is a rocky scape of wonder-surprise that centres solitude and serenity. This island is a discovery for those who seek adventure in the unexplored sites and the unmatched beauty of the scenic horizon along the blue sea. Set wind to your sails, row away from the harbour and greet this lesser-known paradise of calm and thrill, on your next trip to the land of beaches.

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Away from the shores of commotion, South Goa's Betul Beach is a secret land one must traverse!

Nestled on the southern-most tip of the 27-km shoreline that runs from the city of Vasco da Gama, the Betul Beach is a pristine, isolated stretch of land which witnesses the confluence of the Sal River into the Arabian Sea. Guarded away from the prying reach of the tourists, this beach is synonymous with calm and serenity, and if you too wish to get away from the peak tourist season influx, this is the place to be!

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Unwind in the calm & serenity of the picturesque Gaglibaga Beach in South Goa

Deriving its name by virtue of its location along the banks of the Gaglibag River, the Gaglibaga Beach is about a kilometre-long coastline in Canacona, South Goa, which can be best described as a hidden treasure. Untouched by the grips of commercialization and urbanisation, this beach is also one of the most scenic beaches in the coastal state. So if you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon, you need to pay the pristine beach a visit and take in all the peace and calm it has to offer.

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