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Give a 'hike' to your Goa trip by trekking to the highest peak of the state!

Do you wish to uncover the adventurous side of Goa, washed away from crowded seashores and beaches? If yes, the Sonsogor trek is all you need to for pumping up those exciting adrenaline levels. Covering a trail of 15-kilometre, the trek to the highest peak in Goa will let you discover a new picture of the coastal state. So read on to know more about this riveting escapade that assures you memories for a lifetime!
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Charter tourism to resume soon in Goa boosting revenues of the hospitality industry!

After being heavily affected by the repercussions of the ongoing pandemic, the hospitality industry in Goa is finally heaving a sigh of relief. As per reports, the Central Ministry of Home Affairs has declared that it would issue fresh visas for international visitors coming to India through chartered flights, from October 15 onwards. Being the highest contributor to charter business in India, Goa was waiting for the revival of chartered flights for a long time.

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Hazardous tarballs surface on beaches of Mumbai & Goa yet again

The speedy monsoon winds have washed ashore the hazardous blobs of black oils as tarballs across the Mumbai and Goa coastal periphary. Several beaches in Goa, including those popular among tourists like Anjuna, have formed a black sticky carpet of tarballs raising concerns across. Reportedly, a similar phenomenon has been witnessed across some of the most prominent beaches of Mumbai as well. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has excavated more than 20,000 kg of tarballs from Juhu and Versova beaches in Mumbai this month.

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Fully vaccinated tourists can now enter Goa without a negative COVID certificate

The High Court on Monday, acceded to a plea of the Goa government, granting entry to all fully vaccinated tourists and travellers into the state without a negative COVID report. Until now, this provision was not available for visitors, who had to produce a negative certificate irrespective of their vaccination status.

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Plan a trip to Goa's ancient capital & unearth the roots of the state's history

Among the historical harbours of India, the ports of Goa have played an important role in maritime trade since time immemorial. These ports, including the one at Chandrapura (modern-day Chandor), have helped in turning Goa into an important trade centre. Seated on the bank of Paroda or Kushavati River, a tidal tributary of the River Zuari, approximately 30 km from the sea, the port at Chandor is claimed to be the oldest port of Goa. Read on to step into the history of one of the oldest ports in India and unearth its hidden gems.

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