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Negative COVID report to no longer be mandatory in Goa for fully vaccinated visitors

Tweaking the earlier stated protocol, the Chief Minister of Goa announced on Monday that doubly vaccinated tourists and visitors will not be required to show negative COVID reports, in order to enter the state. The CM further assured that the positivity rate has dipped down significantly in the territory, standing at six percent currently. Simultaneously, the recovery rate has shown considerable improvements, carrying optimistic indications for the future.

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Eco-friendly operations to start in Goa, under the banner of Tourism Policy 2020

The government of Goa on Wednesday, approved the long-awaited Goa Tourism Policy 2020 which portrays a vivid vision to make the state the "most preferred destination around the year for high-spending tourists" in 2024. The policy talks about 25 years of tourism, inclusive of a new Tourism Board which would be the major pillar for all decisions to be undertaken towards the planning, development and marketing of Goa tourism. The state tourism policy calls for the curation of high-quality infrastructure and facilities that would attract tourists to Goa's hinterland.

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Goa's Tourism Policy 2020 to steer clear the state's reputation of a drugs' destination

On Wednesday, the Goa Government announced Tourism Policy 2020 and a Tourism Master Plan at a press conference. The Chief Minister of the state said that this approval was long awaited and the license fee for beach shacks has been reduced by 50%. The Tourism Minister also added that, under the tourism policy, a tourism board will be set up which would include experts from various fields.

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Tourism sees an upward curve in Goa & so does the number of Coronavirus cases!

Goa experienced an upward curve in tourism with the month's first long weekend. Hotels witnessed more than 50% bookings and according to stakeholders in the tourism industry, October will be like a pilot episode for the upcoming months. Various changes are expected in the sectors pertaining to travel. Activities will be reopening this month for tourists to indulge in; the Dudhsagar Falls trek has already become accessible.

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